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Getting a Course Approved

How to Request Study Abroad Course Approval

for SCU Major, Minor, or Core Curriculum Requirements

Note: Please be advised that study abroad courses that have not been approved by the department chair (for major and minor requirements) or Laura Nichols, Director, Core Curriculum Undergraduate Studies (for Core requirements) were removed from the
Study Abroad Pre-Approved Course Database on or before December 15, 2011.  Thus, if a course that was once in the Database is no longer appearing as as pre-approved course, you will need to follow one or both sets of the procedures below to request course pre-approval.

For Study Abroad Courses that May Fulfill Undergraduate Core Curriculum Requirements

Step 1:  Before you request approval, review the learning objectives for the relevant Core area to determine whether the study abroad course addresses all or most of them. Consult the Core Guide on the SCU Core Curriculum web site ( to find the learning objectives for each area of the Core.

Step 2: If the course does appear to address the learning objectives, send an email to the Director, Core Curriculum Undergraduate Studies (

·The subject line of the email should be "Request for Study Abroad Course Approval"

·Be sure to specify within your email message which Core area you think the course will fulfill and which study abroad program offers the course. Please also indicate which term and year you plan to take the course.

·Be sure to attach a copy of the course syllabus (from the study abroad provider's web site) to your email request

Step 3: If the course is approved, Prof. Nichols will notify you and copy Melinda Kong (in the Office of the Registrar) of the approval so that your grade will be posted accordingly once your study abroad transcript is received by the Office of the Registrar after the end of your study abroad program.

Note: Please remember when requesting approval of study abroad courses that only those courses with highly similar learning objectives will be considered for SCU Core approval.

For Study Abroad Courses that May Fulfill Major or Minor Requirements

Step 1: Email the course syllabus to the chair of the department at Santa Clara from which you are requesting course approval. If the full syllabus is not available, e-mail a course description. Syllabi and course descriptions can be found on the study abroad provider's web site.

Step 2:The chair of the department will notify you and Melinda Kong in the Office of the Registrar about whether the course is approved.

For additional information, please visit our website at:

Helpful Tips:

  • Having a course approved for SCU crediting does not guarantee that you will get into a class abroad.
  • It is always recommended to get as many courses approved as you can so you have some back ups in case a course abroad closes or get canceled.
  • You do NOT have to take the courses on your Course Approval Form, but if you do at least you know they are approved for certain SCU equivalence.
  • The completed Course Approval Form will be used by the Registrar's Office to appropriately transfer grades/credits to Santa Clara when your transcript arrives on campus at the end of your study abroad program. It is very important that the form is legible to avoid misappropriation of your credits.

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