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Study Abroad Petition - Summer 2012

Please review these carefully before logging into the system.

FEATURED PROGRAMS: We highly recommend the following summer programs:

  • SCU Costa Rica Summer (view website)
  • SCU Germany Summer (view website)

AFFILIATED SUMMER OPTIONS: All summer programs offered by our approved providers (i.e. Arcadia, BU, CIEE, IES, etc) are opened to qualified students. It is your responsibility to make sure the starting date of the summer program does not conflict with Santa Clara's Spring quarter.   

SAVE YOUR PETITION IN PROGRESS: To save your work prior to submitting your petition click on the "Save Progress" button located at the bottom of the form. Important:Your selections for your major cannot be saved in progress so be sure to select the appropriate option before you submit your petition.

SUBMIT ONLY ONCE: Once you submit the petition, you will NOT be able to log back into the system so be sure to do one final review of every field for accuracy as incomplete submissions will NOT be reviewed.

SAVE A COPY OF YOUR SUBMISSION: When you click "finish", the petition is automatically emailed to the Office of International Programs and a copy sent to the email address you indicated as your primary email. Please check your email for that submission and save it for your record as it contains your stated goals for study abroad as well as your proposed courses.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions about the form, please contact Barbara Colyar (, 408-551-3019 at the Office of International Programs.

DEADLINE: Summer 2012 petitions must be submitted by midnight on Friday, April 27, 2012. No incomplete petitions will be reviewed.

Survey Closed

This survey was closed on Jun. 17, 2012. Thank you for your time!

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