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Support Sustainability

What your support can do:

Bronco Urban Gardens (BUG)

Bronco Urban Gardens (BUG) is an environmental justice outreach initiative for elementary school youth and families in San Jose. Donations support garden education programs and are used to obtain resources for the following: teaching youth about healthy eating, growing fruits and vegetables, cooking and preparing, maintaining a garden, exploring the natural world and doing arts and crafts in the gardens.

The Forge Garden

The Forge Garden is a 1/2-acre, educational garden that supports the interests of the University and the community. Donations support educational programs and are used to purchase supplies for workshops, academic classes, and site improvements.

Center for Sustainability (campus sustainability)

Programs of the Center for Sustainability help the University achieve climate neutrality, foster responsible consumerism practices, strengthen a campus culture of sustainability, and utilize the campus as a living laboratory for developing global solutions. Donations will support the initiatives and programmatic efforts of the aforementioned goals.

Climate Neutrality

SCU is committed to reducing campus greenhouse gas emissions. Help us boost SCU’s climate mitigation and adaptation efforts: increase renewable energy generation and expand efforts for carbon neutrality and resiliency planning.

Thank you for your consideration of sustainability at SCU. All contributions are greatly appreciated.
You can make your gift through "Online Giving to Santa Clara" and under "Make a Selection," select "Sustainability Initiatives" then again, under the second "Make a Selection," choose the program of your choice (Bronco Urban Gardens (BUG) program, The Forge Garden, Climate Neutrality fund, or the Center for Sustainability). Donations can be accepted via credit card payment online or mailing a check. Cash donations are not accepted.
Please make your checks payable to the program of your choice and mail the check to:
Santa Clara University
C/O Center for Sustainability/ Forge Garden/ Bronco Urban Gardens
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95053