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Faculty Profiles

Chad Raphael
Sustainability Across the Curriculum Faculty Associate

Chad Raphael is the Faculty Associate for Sustainability across the Curriculum. He leads the Center's annual workshop, which trains faculty members at SCU and other universities to integrate teaching about sustainability into courses in every field. Chad is also a Professor of Communication, and Co-Coordinator of SCU's Environmental Justice and the Common Good Initiative, which offers grants and workshops that support faculty to design community-driven research and teach about environmental justice.  He has chaired committees that designed Santa Clara’s Core Curriculum and that helped draft the University’s Strategic Plan. Chad consults on communication campaigns and has served on the boards of environmental justice organizations, such as the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation and the  Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition.  He is a Design Team member of the Clean Electronics Production Network.  His scholarship includes a guide to community-engaged research for environmental justice, which he is expanding into a book, and a research agenda for engaged environmental communication research.