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Garden Apprentice Profiles

Profile photo of Madeline Pugh smiling outside with autumn trees in the background
Madeline Pugh
Community Development Garden Apprentice

Pronouns: She/her

Year: 2023

Major/Minor: Environmental studies major, Sustainable food systems minor

What is your favorite part about your work / about being on the team? My favorite part about working in the garden is the people I meet through my job. The Forge attracts all different types of people, and I've learned many lessons and made so many amazing connections there. It's a hub for mutual learning- we are learning from the land, and from each other. It's a beautiful thing.

What is your favorite thing to grow in the garden and why? Tomatoes! They're satisfying to plant and so delicious to eat, and we're able to grow a huge variety in our small space. I enjoy harvesting them because they are rarely uniform in color, I've seen such beautiful patterns and colors on different types of tomatoes and it is always exciting to see what I'll pull out from the bush.

Other passions, hobbies, fun facts, or anything else you want to share: I love to hike and climb at the local bouldering gym! I also love many different types of music and discussing it with friends and volunteers in the garden, so it's been a blast for me to plan the Forge sessions concerts with KSCU. My DJ name on KSCU 101.3 FM is "DJ Dirt Digger."