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Open Positions

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We are currently undergoing interviews for the Curriculum Transformation, Strategic Engagement, and Housing & Dining positions, as well as Garden Apprentices. We hope to hire for the remaining positions mid-fall quarter. Thank you for your patience and please reach out to us if you have any questions.
Last updated 09/13/21

Please fill out this Google Form application for any of the positions below. No resumes are necessary. These positions will remain up unitl all positions are filled.

Campus Operations

The Sustainability Intern for Campus Operations helps to increase awareness about, and demonstrate, sustainability in structures and landscapes. The intern knows the ins and outs of SCU’s buildings and grounds and is ready to offer suggestions for more sustainable campus facilities. The intern will also serve as a student representative on various committees relating to trees on campus and climate-neutrality.

Collaboration: This intern works closely with University Operations to reduce campus water and energy usage, supports plans to mitigate greenhouse emissions, as well as manages and promotes a more ecologically sensitive campus community in relation to our urban forests.


  • Confident in speaking and working with University staff and other stakeholders
  • Willing to work at a computer and other times, in the field (measuring trees, getting dirty!)


Communication, Journalism & Public Relations (PR)

The Sustainability Intern for Communication, Journalism & Public Relations keeps the campus community and beyond up-to-date regarding the different sustainability projects and activities that take place at SCU. This intern develops and updates website content as well as supports the ongoing task of increasing brand awareness and campus presence. This intern helps to manage the Center’s social media accounts and also assists in finding connections and opportunities internally and externally (to the University) that recognize SCU sustainability achievements.

Collaboration: This intern will work closely with the other communication intern and Sustainability Manager in implementing visual content for a monthly e-newsletter and the Center for Sustainability’s website. The position works fluidly with other staff members and intern positions to coordinate their participation in the monthly e-newsletter and to ensure that all their projects and events are articulated accurately for the website and beyond to SCU students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors.


  • Must have excellent writing and copy-editing skills
  • Familiarity with web content management systems or willingness to learn
  • Proficient and/or active on social media (such as Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.) 


Curriculum Development

The Sustainability Intern for Curriculum Development works primarily with data entry/analysis tools to support faculty in building involvement for integrating sustainability across the curriculum. This intern undertakes a significant amount of data entry and spreadsheet work to analyze and develop reports about sustainability courses. This intern also supports sustainability across the curriculum workshops and data collection/analysis regarding current and past involvement in such programs.

Collaboration: This intern will support our Faculty Associate for Curriculum Development and Transformation while inventorying sustainability-related course offerings. This intern serves as a liaison to the Sustainable Living Undergraduate Research Project (SLURP) and connects other students to potential projects aligning with the Sustainability Strategic Plan.


  • Thorough understanding of and comfort with Microsoft Excel
  • Willingness to learn new data management tools like Airtable


Housing & Dining

The Sustainability Intern for Housing & Dining fosters a culture of sustainability within the residential learning communities (RLC’s), off-campus neighborhood, and campus dining venues. This intern leads a myriad of campaigns and events each quarter along with ongoing campaigns for sustainable food procurement, water and energy conservation, and reusables/waste, including the quarterly food waste data collection event, Scrape Your Plate.

Collaboration: This intern works closely with the Sustainability Manager in developing and strengthening partnerships with the Housing Office, Residence Life, and SCU Dining Services by Bon Appetit. This position will also work with the Sustainability Manager on pursuing initiatives and implementing policies or processes on sustainable purchasing as it relates to residential life or campus dining. This position collaborates with other interns in providing events and programs to students and the rest of the SCU community.


  • Knowledge of the RLC system at SCU
  • Ability to communicate with a variety of different audiences, including students, residence life staff members, and administrative staff
  • Ability to create initiatives, communicate details to networks, and bring a large audience to events


Strategic Engagement

The Sustainability Intern for Strategic Engagement manages the ongoing education and active engagement of the Sustainability Strategic Plan’s Playbooks for the SCU audience. This intern is responsible for the coordination of any mini campaigns or initiatives derived from the Playbooks campaign. This intern also significantly supports the Sustainability Liaison Network through gathering or developing content and facilitating groups, as well as coordinating the Sustainability Guides program.

Collaboration: This intern works with other interns in promoting the Playbooks campaign and earning badges at their events and programs, including participation support, educating about the Playbooks, tracking eligible participants, and distributing badges.


  • Confidence in public speaking and/or engaging with groups
  • Proficient in organizing “customer” profile-like data/ information through spreadsheets
  • Enthusiasm for engaging others around a cause
  • Interest in researching educational content and best practices for public engagement


Strategic Planning

The Sustainability Intern for Strategic Planning coordinates climate action and education tasks for the implementation of the University’s sustainability commitments. This intern is instrumental in developing marketing for, and supporting the management of, academic programs and carbon neutrality initiatives, such as the Campus Sustainability Investment Fund, sustainability minor, Experiential Learning for Social Justice (ELSJ), and the University’s Sustainability Strategic Plan. 

Collaboration: This intern works closely with the Director and Sustainability Manager in coordinating meetings with advisory boards and committees affiliated with the Sustainability Strategic Plan as well as helping to track and develop (future) objectives, strategies, and key performance indicators for the next strategic plan. This intern directly supports the work of the Faculty Associate for Academic Programs to help coordinate Faculty Sustainability Liaison meetings and promote the Sustainability Minor. This intern also assists the Garden Educator and Forge Garden Manager coordinating the coursework of students enrolled in ELSJ courses connected to the Center.


  • Strong writing, marketing, research, and project management skills
  • Experience with data compilation and event planning


Zero Waste

The Sustainability Intern for Zero Waste assists the University in working towards the goal of being a zero-waste campus. This intern serves as an “expert” of SCU’s campus waste and is expected to speak and present on waste diversion and the 4R’s - reduce, reuse, recycle, and respect. This intern coordinates and hosts data collection events like Waste Characterizations, coordinates campaigns like “Paperless Campus,” conducts research on best practices of improving public engagement on waste prevention and reduction, and increasing the campus circular/share economy with programs such as, but not limited to, the Bronco Surplus, Swap for Good, and Share Shelf.

Collaboration: This intern works closely with University Operations staff to improve campus waste signage and collaborates with campus organizations and departments on waste diversion systems and educational trainings. The intern also works closely with the Housing & Dining position on the food waste data collection event/ campaign Scrape Your Plate, and communicates with students, staff, or faculty to recruit volunteers for waste-related events.


  • Not afraid to do a little ground work and get “dirty”
  • Prior knowledge or strong willingness to learn accurate waste sorting, the political and social context of global waste management, and to practice effective articulation of the connections between waste and climate change
  • Experience and comfort with Google Suite (primarily Google Sheets and Google Forms)
  • Ability to lift 20 pounds

We are hiring Garden Apprentices to start at the beginning of the 2021-22 academic year. This is a paid student apprenticeship open to all undergraduate students. Students will learn soil management, greenhouse propagation, compost management, succession planting, harvesting, and organic pest and weed control. Apprentices will also assist with leading volunteer hours and events. 

Learn and apply using the link below. The application is open till Sept. 3rd.