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Course Lists

To see a complete inventory of the University's course offerings with sustainability content, visit our Sustainability Data Hub.


departments offer at least one sustainability-related course 


courses with a sustainability component are offered


Courses that are related to or focused on sustainability. Some of these courses are always focused on or related to sustainability, though others may vary, depending on each lecturer's preferences.
*Please note, this list is updated as often as we receive new information. To submit a course, please e-mail with course name, number, and description.*

ANTH 1 Intro to Biological Anth
ANTH 2 Intro to Archaeology
ANTH 3 Intro Social and Cultural Anth
ANTH 4 Vanished Peoples & Lost Civ
ANTH 5 Pop Culture & Bioanthropology
ANTH 11A Cultures and Ideas I
ANTH 12A Cultures and Ideas II
ANTH 50* World Geography
ANTH 110 Anthropological Theory
ANTH 112 Anthropological Methods
ANTH 114 Senior Project
ANTH 130 Primate Behavioral Ecology
ANTH 132 Paleoanthropology
ANTH 134 Health, Disease & Culture
ANTH 135 Human Development & Sexuality
ANTH 136 Forensic Anthropology
ANTH 137 Evolutionary Medicine
ANTH 140 Food, Culture & Environment
ANTH 145* Historical Ecology
ANTH 147 Arch of Complex Societies
ANTH 148 Historical Archaeology
ANTH 149 Virtual SCU, History & Culture
ANTH 152 Political Anthropology
ANTH 154 Environmental Anthropology
ANTH 157 Family, Kin & Culture
ANTH 158 Applied Anthropology
ANTH 159 Globalization & Culture Change
ANTH 170 Women, Gender, and Sexuality
ANTH 185 Peoples of Latin America
ANTH 197 Field Course in Primate Behavior
ANTH 198 Anthropology Internship

*Sustainability-focused courses

ARTS 32 Two-Dimensional Design
ARTS 35 Basic Printmaking
ARTS 43 Basic Painting
ARTS 135 Printmaking
ARTS 151 Explore Society Through Photo

ARTH 11A Cultures and Ideas I: The Global Networks of Things
ARTH 11A Cultures and Ideas I: Exhibiting the Global
ARTH 11A Cultures and Ideas I: Art of Contact: New Worlds
ARTH 11A Cultures and Ideas I: Art, Power, & Propaganda
ARTH 11H Cultures and Ideas I - Honors: Art, Power, & Propaganda
ARTH 12A Cultures and Ideas II: The Global Networks of Things
ARTH 12A Cultures and Ideas II: Exhibiting the Global
ARTH 12A Cultures and Ideas II: Art of Contact: New Worlds
ARTH 12A Cultures and Ideas II: Art, Power, & Propaganda
ARTH 12H Cultures and Ideas II - Honors: Art, Power, & Propaganda
ARTH 25 Indigenous Visions
ARTH 143 Women’s Work
ARTH 152 Arts of Ancient Mexico
ARTH 185 Post-Modern & Contemp Art
ARTH 188 Women in the Visual Arts

BIOE 111 BIOE Innovation and Design
BIOE 157 Introduction to Biofuel Engr
BIOE 172 Intro to Tissue Engineering
BIOE 173 Adv Topics Tissue Engineering
BIOE 176 Biomolecular Engineering II
BIOE 179 Intro to Neural Engineering
BIOE 185 Physiology & Disease Biology
BIOE 210 Ethical Issues in Bioengineering
BIOE 226 Biomolecular Engineering II
BIOE 257 Intro to Biofuel Eng.
BIOE 259 Engineering in Drug Delivery
BIOE 269 Stem Cell Bioengineering
BIOE 273 Tissue Engineering II
BIOE 275 Intro to Neural Engineering
BIOE 279 Stem Cell & Regenerative Med
BIOE 282 BioProcess Engineering I
BIOE 285 Physiology and Disease Biology
BIOE 302 Gene and Cell Therapy

BIOL 4 Light and Life L&L
BIOL 5 Endangered Ecosystems L&L
BIOL 6 The Oceans L&L
BIOL 18 Exploring Biotechnology L&L
BIOL 21 Introduction to Physiology
BIOL 22 Intro to Evolution and Ecology
BIOL 23 Investigation: Evolu & Ecol L&L
BIOL 106 Health Consequences of a Western Lifestyle
BIOL 113 Microbiology L&L
BIOL 116 Medical Microbiology L&L
BIOL 119 Biology of Stress
BIOL 131 Agroecology L&L
BIOL 134 California Plant Diversity L&L
BIOL 145 Virology
BIOL 151 Restoration Ecology L&L
BIOL 153* Conservation Science
BIOL 156 General Ecology L&L
BIOL 160* Biostatistics L&L
BIOL 171 Soc/Ethical Dimensions Biotech
BIOL 188 STEM Education and Justice


*Sustainability-focused course

BUSN 70 Contemporary Business Issues
BUSN 71 Foundations of Leadership
BUSN 72 Business Leadership Skills
BUSN 150* Feeding the World
BUSN 151A FHPE Immersion Preparation
BUSN 151B FHPE Immersion Reflection
BUSN 170 Contemp Bus for Non-Majors
BUSN 173 Leadership Experience
BUSN 179 Effective Comm in Business
BUSN 188 Field Studies: NPI
BUSN 195A Introduction to Global Fellows
BUSN 195B The Global Fellow Experience
BUSN 195EL The Global Fellow Experience
BUSN 196 Leadership Practicum


*Sustainability-focused course

CENG 20 Geology
CENG 20L Geology Lab
CENG 115 Civil Engineering Materials
CENG 115L Civil Engineering Material Lab
CENG 119* Design Sustainable Construct
CENG 124* Water Law and Policy
CENG 128 ENGR Economics and Business
CENG 133 Timber Design
CENG 134 Structural Steel Design
CENG 135 Reinforced Concrete Design
CENG 135L Reinforced Concrete Design Lab
CENG 136 Advanced Concrete Structures
CENG 137 Earthquake Engineering Design
CENG 139 Groundwater Hydrology
CENG 140 Water Resources Engineering
CENG 140L Water Resources Engr Lab
CENG 141 Hydraulic Engr
CENG 143 Environmental Engineering
CENG 143L Environmental Engineering Lab
CENG 144 Environmental Systems Design
CENG 144L Environmental Systems Design Lab
CENG 145 Transportation Engr Design
CENG 148 Structural Systems
CENG 148L Structural Engineering Lab
CENG 160 GIS in Water Resources
CENG 161 Sustainable Water Resources
CENG 192A Elements of CENG Practice
CENG 192D Intro to Bldg Info Modeling
CENG 193* Senior Design Project I
CENG 194* Senior Design Project II
CENG 208 Engr Econ & Proj Finance
CENG 215 Sustain. Structural Engr
CENG 215L Sustain. Struc. Engr. Lab
CENG 219* Design Sustainable Construct
CENG 233 Timber Design
CENG 234 Structural Steel Des
CENG 236 Advanced Concrete Structures
CENG 237 Earthquake Engr Des
CENG 258* Water Law & Policy
CENG 259 Groundwater Hydrology
CENG 260 GIS in Water Resources
CENG 292 Intro to Bldg Info Modeling


*Sustainability-focused course

CHEM 5 Chem: An Experimental Science
CHEM 11 General Chemistry I
CHEM 11* General Chemistry I (Lab)
CHEM 11H General Chemistry I L&L: Honors
CHEM 12 General Chemistry II
CHEM 12* General Chemistry II (Lab)
CHEM 12H General Chemistry II: Hnrs
CHEM 12H* General Chemistry II: Hnrs (Lab)
CHEM 15 Introduction to Research
CHEM 19 Chemistry for Teachers
CHEM 31 Organic Chemistry I L&L
CHEM 32 Organic Chemistry II L&L
CHEM 33 Organic Chemistry III L&L
CHEM 101 Bioinorganic Chemistry
CHEM 102 Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 112 Bioanalytical Chemistry
CHEM 115 Chemistry Seminar
CHEM 141 Biochemistry I
CHEM 142 Biochemistry II
CHEM 143 Biochemical Techniques
CHEM 182* Undergraduate Research
CHEM 183* Senior Research Experience
CHEM 184* Capstone Research Experience
CHEM 190 Special Topics in Chemistry


*Sustainability-focused course

CLAS 113 Democracy: Ancient and Modern
CLAS 149 Ancient and Modern Ethics
CLAS 188 Justice: Ancient & Modern

COMM 1 Intro to Interpersonal Comm
COMM 2 Media in a Global World
COMM 12 Technology and Communication
COMM 20 Public Speaking
COMM 30 Intro to Digital Filmmaking
COMM 106A Gender, Health, and Sexuality
COMM 107A Intercultural Communication
COMM 108A Communication and Gender
COMM 111G Feminist Methods
COMM 119A Body Politics
COMM 120A* Environmental Communication
COMM 121A Diversity and the Media
COMM 122A Media and Advocacy
COMM 126A Violence and Communication
COMM 127A Media and Social Movements
COMM 128B Dialogue and Deliberation
COMM 141B Advanced Journalism
COMM 145B Legal Journalism
COMM 147A News and Democracy
COMM 150B Public Relat Theories & Princi
COMM 151A Organizational Communication
COMM 152B Public Relations Strategies
COMM 154A Public Health Campaigns
COMM 163A Internet Communities & Comm
COMM 170A Communication Law
COMM 176A Biology of Human Communication
COMM 183A Communication Development & Social Change
COMM 185A New Media and Communication


*Sustainability-focused course

COEN 129* Current Topics in Computer Engineering
COEN 243 Internet of Things
COEN 389 Energy Efficient Computing


*Sustainability-focused course

CSCI 3 Intro to Computing & Applications

CPSY 200 Psychology of Interp. Comm.
CPSY 211 Human Sexuality
CPSY 212 Psych of Relationships
CPSY 231 Multicultural Counseling
CPSY 275 Ethical and Legal Iss in Cng
CPSY 317 Therapeutic Interv. w/Children
CPSY 360 Latino Psychology
CPSY 380 Positive Psychology and Health
CPSY 381 Health Psychology: Theory & Practice

DANC 59 Teaching the Performing Arts
DANC 60 Walk Across California
DANC 62 African American Dance History
DANC 159 Teaching the Performing Arts
DANC 162 African American Dance History
DANC 189 Social Justice and the Arts

ECON 1 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 3 Internat Econ,Develop & Growth
ECON 3H Internat Econ,Develop & Grow: Honors
ECON 101 Resources Food and the Environment
ECON 111* Economics of the Environment
ECON 120 Economics of the Public Sector
ECON 129 Economic Development
ECON 134 African Economic Development
ECON 135 Gender Issues in Dev World
ECON 150 Labor Economics
ECON 160 Econ of Poverty & Inequality
ECON 165 Economics and Justice
*Sustainability-focused course

EDUC 258 Elementary Classroom Management
EDUC 263 Elem Meth in Soc Studies & Art
EDUC 277 Social Foundations of Education
EDUC 282 English Language Development in TK-12
EDUC 283 Elementary Classroom Management
EDUC 291 Sec. Soc. Sciences Methods I
EDUC 294 Adolescent Literacy Development
EDUC 363 Ethics, Law and Governance
EDUC 364 Interpersonal Communication
EDUC 370 Cultural Diversity and Equality
EDUC 446 Working Within Divided Communities
EDUC 493 Multicultural Education
EDUC 496 Education & Social Justice

ELEN 20 Emerging Areas: Electrical Engineering
ELEN 164 Intro to Power Electronics
ELEN 182 Energy Systems Design
ELEN 183 Power Systems Analysis
ELEN 184 Power Systems Stability & Control
ELEN 280 Intro Altern Energy Sys
ELEN 281A Power Systems: Generation
ELEN 282* Photovoltaic Devices & Systems
ELEN 285 Intro to Smart Grid
ELEN 286 Intro to Wind Energy Engr
ELEN 287 Storage Device
ELEN 297 Masters Thesis Research
ELEN 288 Energy Mgmt Systems


*Sustainability-focused course 

ENGL 1A Critical Thinking & Writing I
ENGL 1H Critical Thinking & Writing I: Honors
ENGL 2A Critical Thinking & Writing II
ENGL 2H Critical Thinking & Writing II: Honors
ENGL 12A Cultures and Ideas II
ENGL 35 African American Literature
ENGL 36 Intro to Latino/a Literature
ENGL 38 Asian-American Literature
ENGL 39 Multicultural Literature of the US
ENGL 39G Multicultural Literature of the US
ENGL 67 U.S. Gay & Lesbian Literature
ENGL 69 Lit by Women Writers of Color
ENGL 72 Poetry Writing
ENGL 78 Writing about Biotech Ethics
ENGL 105 Literacy and Social Justice
ENGL 108 Writing About Medicine
ENGL 113EL Writing Ctr Theory & Practice
ENGL 115 Argumentation
ENGL 115H Argumentation
ENGL 122 Film, Gender and Sexuality
ENGL 122AW Film, Gender, & Sexuality
ENGL 125 Feminist Literary Theory
ENGL 125H Feminist Literary and Cultural Theory
ENGL 126 Creative Wrtg & Social Justice
ENGL 129 American Theatre from the Black Perspective
ENGL 130 Studies in African American Literature
ENGL 132G Studies in 19th-Cent Amer Literature
ENGL 135 African-American Literature
ENGL 138 Asian-American Literature
ENGL 140 Studies in Chicano Literature
ENGL 150EL Contemporary Literature
ENGL 153 Global Gay & Lesbian Culture
ENGL 154 Literature & Environment
ENGL 155 Studies in Asian American Lit
ENGL 156 Global Literatures
ENGL 158G Native American Women Writers
ENGL 162 Studies in Comparative Lit
ENGL 166 Pan-African Literature
ENGL 176 Creative Writing and Social Justice
ENGL 190 Senior Seminar
ENGL 192 Amer Thtr from the Black Persp

ENGR 1 Intro to Engineering
ENGR 1L Intro to Engineering Lab
ENGR 19 Ethics in Technology
ENGR 60 Sustainable Electric Energy
ENGR 110 Engineering Project for the Community
ENGR 111 STEM Outreach in the Community
ENGR 111L STEM Outreach in the Community Lab
ENGR 135 Humanitarian Engineering
ENGR 136 Frugal Innovation Projects
ENGR 257 Intro to Biofuel Engineering
ENGR 272 Energy Public Policy
ENGR 273* Sustainable Energy & Ethics
ENGR 302 Management In the Multicult Environment
ENGR 303 Gender and Engineering
ENGR 304 Building Global Teams
ENGR 334* Energy, Climate Change & Social Justice
ENGR 336 Engineering for the Developing World
ENGR 339 Energy Storage Systems
ENGR 340 Distributed & Renewable Energy
ENGR 341 Innovation, Design & Spiritual
ENGR 349 Topics in Frugal Engineering: Product Planning


*Sustainability-focused course

EMGT 378 New Product Planning and Development

ENVS 1A* Critical Thinking & Writing I
ENVS 2A* Critical Thinking & Writing II
ENVS 10 The Joy of Garbage
ENVS 11A* Cultures and Ideas I
ENVS 12A* Cultures and Ideas II
ENVS 21* Intro to Applied Ecology
ENVS 22* Intro to Environmental Studies
ENVS 23* Soil, Water, and Air L&L
ENVS 50* World Geography
ENVS 79* Environmental Thought
ENVS 80* Energy and the Environment
ENVS 95* SLURP: Sust Living Research Project
ENVS 101* Capstone Seminar
ENVS 110* Statistics for Environ Sci L&L
ENVS 116* Introduction to GIS
ENVS 117* Intermediate GIS
ENVS 120* Intro to Environmental Law & Regulation: US
ENVS 122* Environmental Politics & Policy
ENVS 124* Water Law and Policy
ENVS 128* Urban & Environmental Planning
ENVS 131* Environmental Education
ENVS 132 Agroecology L & L
ENVS 136 Food, Culture & Environment
ENVS 137* Historical Ecology
ENVS 142 Writing Natural History
ENVS 143 Writing for the Birds
ENVS 144* Natural History of Baja
ENVS 145 Environmental Technology
ENVS 146* Agri, Env & Dev: Latin America
ENVS 147 Internat Environ & Develop
ENVS 148 Solar Revolution
ENVS 149 African Envirnmnt & Developmnt
ENVS 150 Political Ecology
ENVS 151 Restoration Ecology L&L
ENVS 153* Conservation Science
ENVS 155* Environmental & Food Justice
ENVS 160 Water Resources L&L
ENVS 165 Climate Science and Solutions
ENVS 166* Climate Change:Past to Future
ENVS 167 Innovation for Climate Justice
ENVS 185* Garbology
ENVS 191 Urban Agriculture Practicum
ENVS 194* Peer Educator in Environmental Studies
ENVS 195* SLURP: Sust Lvng Ugrd Rsch Proj
ENVS 196 Special Topics in Environmental Studies
ENVS 197* Special Topics in Environmental Science
ENVS 198* Environmental Proseminar
ENVS 199A* Directed Reading
ENVS 199B* Directed Environmental Research


*Sustainability-focused course

ETHN 5 Intro Study of Race/Ethnic US
ETHN 10 Intro to Native American Studies
ETHN 20 Intro to Chicana & Latina/o Studies
ETHN 30 Intro to African American Studies
ETHN 36 African American Literature
ETHN 40 Intro to Asian American Studies
ETHN 51 Intro to South Asian Exp in the US
ETHN 70 Multicultural Literature of the US
ETHN 80 Intro to Muslim & Arab American Studies
ETHN 95 African Amer Indep Filmmakers
ETHN 96 Race, Class & Culture thru Film
ETHN 120 Mexican Immigration to the US
ETHN 122 Chicana/Chicano Communities
ETHN 123 The Chicano/a Experience
ETHN 125 Latinas/os in the U.S.
ETHN 127 Race and Mass Incarceration
ETHN 130 African-American Literature
ETHN 132 The History of Hip Hop
ETHN 135 African Americans in Postwar Film
ETHN 136 American Theatre from the Black Perspective
ETHN 138 Black Migration in the World
ETHN 142 Asian American Communities
ETHN 144 Asian American in the Media
ETHN 145 Asian-American Literature
ETHN 149 Civil Rights/Anti-Colonial Movements
ETHN 152 Multi-Racial Identities
ETHN 153 Minority Politics in the US
ETHN 155 Racism in the United States
ETHN 157 Race, Gender, Class, & the College Experience
ETHN 161 Create Div College Going Comm
ETHN 163 Multi-Racial Communities in CA
ETHN 164 Popular Music, Race and American Culture
ETHN 165 Community Based Research Methods
ETHN 167 Race and Inequality
ETHN 178 Race and World War II

EMBA 902 Navigating Busn Environ
EMBA 904 Oper in Global Fin & Prod Mkts
EMBA 905 Supply Chain Management
EMBA 908 New Business Ventures
ELSJ 22 Solidarity with the Community
ELSJ 23 Careers for the Common Good
ELSJ 30 Justice in Jesuit Tradition
ELSJ 50 Law & Social Justice
ELSJ 111 Participatory Action Research Experience
ELSJ 134 Seminar :Social Entrepreneurship
ELSJ 135 Research: Social Entrepreneurship
ELSJ 198 AppliedEthic Intern: Healthcare

FNCE 130 Ethics and Finance
FNCE 180 Open Book Management

FREN 114 Literatures and Cultures of the Maghreb
FREN 173 Immigration, Race, & Identity
FREN 183 20th-Century French Women Writers

HIST 11A Cultures and Ideas I
HIST 12A Cultures and Ideas II
HIST 64 Central America
HIST 84 U.S. Women’s History
HIST 85 U.S. Environmental History
HIST 91 Africa in World History
HIST 92 Modern East Asia
HIST 96B US: Civil War to Present
HIST 100 Historical Interpretation
HIST 102S Ethnic Cleansing/Genocide 20th Century
HIST 105 Modern World History
HIST 115S Gender, Race, and Citizenship in the Atlantic World
HIST 118 Representation, Rights, and Democracy, 1050-1792
HIST 119 Ireland & the Diaspora
HIST 121 Human Rights & Humanitarianism
HIST 122 The Holocaust
HIST 123 Plagues/Epidemics/Infections
HIST 125 History of the Senses
HIST 126 Conflict Med Christianity
HIST 128 Victorian London
HIST 131 War & Democracy: UK in WWI
HIST 132 Democracy: Ancient and Modern
HIST 136 Gender/Race/Class in 20th Century Europe
HIST 141 Independent Africa
HIST 146B Modern Japan in the World
HIST 150 Gender & Sexuality in East Asia
HIST 153 Civil Rights and Anti-Colonial Movements
HIST 157 Black Migration in the World
HIST 163 Cuba and the Caribbean
HIST 170 The American Revolution
HIST 171 The New Nation
HIST 172 The Union in Crisis
HIST 174 Turbulence & Change: U.S 1960s-70s
HIST 176 Contemporary US: 1980 to Present
HIST 177 Gay and Lesbians in U.S. History
HIST 178 Race and World War II
HIST 182 Sex and the Family in America
HIST 184 American Historical Geography
HIST 185 African Americans in Postwar Film
HIST 186 California
HIST 187 The American West
HIST 188S Making Mod US: Progressive Era

HNRS 20 Difficult Dialogues
HNRS 20S Difficult Dialogues
HNRS 120AW Advanced Difficult Dialogues
IDIS 695A Global Business Perspectives
IDIS 704 Women in Leadership
IDIS 705 Leadership for Justice & Prosp
IDIS 861 Corp Social Responsibility & PR
IDIS 3622 Global Agribusiness Challenges
IDIS 3704 Women in Leadership

LAW 103 Torts
LAW 104S Property
LAW 106 Criminal Law
LAW 200* Constitutional Law I
LAW 201* Constitutional Law II
LAW 204* Legal Aspects of War
LAW 206 Law and Education
LAW 207* Administrative Law
LAW 212 Immigration Law
LAW 215 Immigration Law
LAW 218 Intl Organizations Seminar
LAW 230 Natural Resources
LAW 235* Labor Law
LAW 238* Employment Discrimination
LAW 247* Globalization and Rule of Law
LAW 268* Law and Social Justice Seminar
LAW 286 Land Use
LAW 288* Environmental Protection Law
LAW 302* Legal Profession
LAW 310 Criminal Procedure: Investigation
LAW 311 Criminal Procedure: Adjudication
LAW 317* Race and the Law
LAW 346 Social Justice Wksp: Righting
LAW 401 Domestic Violence Seminar
LAW 402 Juvenile Court Law Sem
LAW 403 Children and the Law
LAW 408 Public Inter & Social Just Pra
LAW 408A* Pub Interest Soc Justice Wksp
LAW 414 Environmental Law Seminar
LAW 434 Gender and Law
LAW 440* Intention Human Right Theory
LAW 444 Energy Resources Law
LAW 448 Voting Rights Seminar
LAW 463* KGACLC Wkrs Rghts Interviewing
LAW 469 KGACLC Immigration Interviewing
LAW 483 Global Poverty, Human Right& Dev
LAW 505A No California Innocence Proj A
LAW 505B No California Innocence Proj B
LAW 511B KGACLC Litigation Skills 1B
LAW 515A NCIP Advanced Pract Clinic A
LAW 515B NCIP Advanced Pract Clinic B
LAW 525 Asst Reproduction Genetic Eng
LAW 527 Health Law I
LAW 531 Juvenile Justice: Leadership
LAW 532 Juvenile Justice: Practical
LAW 533 Broadband Regulatory Clinic
LAW 544 Legislation
LAW 591B Criminal Justice Externship: Criminal Defense
LAW 608* Int’l Environmental Law
LAW 669 Climate Change Law
LAW 727A* Intern. Human Rights Clinic A
LAW 727B* Intern. Human Rights Clinic B
LAW 728A* Advanced Intern. Human Rights Clinic A
LAW 728B* Advanced Intern. Human Rights Clinic B


*Sustainability-focused course

LBST 4 Cultural Competence
LBST 70 Community Health Education
LBST 106 Urban Education & Multiculturalism
LBST 156 Advocacy for Children
LBST 198A Elementary School Teaching Practicum
LBST 198B Secondary School Teaching Practicum

MGMT 6 Business Ethics
MGMT 6H Business Ethics: Honors
MGMT 8 Business Ethics in Practice
MGMT 80 Global & Cultural Environment of Business
MGMT 160 Management of Organizations
MGMT 160S Mgmt of Organizations - LSP
MGMT 161 Managing in Organizations
MGMT 164 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
MGMT 172 Social Entrepreneurship
MGMT 173 Resources, Food & the Environment
MGMT 503 Organizational Analysis & Mgmt
MGMT 505 Corp Social Responsibility &PP
MGMT 546 Spirituality pf Org Leadership
MGMT 548 Social Benefit Entrepre.
MGMT 2503 Organizational Analysis & Mgmt
MGMT 2504 Innovation in Silicon Valley
MGMT 2505 Business Integrity and Society
MGMT 2548 Social Benefit Entrepreneurship
MGMT 3200 Ethics for Managers
MGMT 3504 Innovation in Silicon Valley
MGMT 3505 Business. Integrity, & Society
MGMT 3512 Practice & Morality of Leadership
MGMT 3540 Food Industry Management
MGMT 3546 Spirituality of Org Leadership
MGMT 3548 Social Benefit Entrepreneurship

MKTG 189 Sustainability Marketing

MECH 10 Graphical Communication in Design
MECH 11 Materials & Manufacturing Process
MECH 15 Intro to Material Science
MECH 15L Intro to Material Science Lab
MECH 80 Solar Home Analysis and Design
MECH 101L Machining Lab
MECH 114 Machine Design I
MECH 115 Machine Design II
MECH 121 Thermodynamics I
MECH 122 Fluid Mechanics
MECH 122L Fluid Mechanics I Lab
MECH 123 Heat Transfer
MECH 123L Heat Transfer Lab
MECH 125 Thermal Systems Design
MECH 145 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering
MECH 152 Composite Materials
MECH 163 Materials Selection & Design
MECH 194 Advanced Design I: Tools
MECH 195 Advanced Design II:Implementat
MECH 196 Advanced Design III: Comp/EV
MECH 207 Advanced Mechatronics I
MECH 208 Advanced Mechatronics II
MECH 240 Rad Heat Transfer I
MECH 241 Rad Heat Transfer II
MECH 242 Nanoscale Heat Transfer
MECH 275A Design For Competitiveness
MECH 286 Intro to Wind Energy Engineering
MECH 287 Intro Alternative Energy Systems

MUSC 115 Experimental Sound Design
MUSC 132 The History of Hip Hop
MUSC 134 Pop Music, Race & American Culture
MUSC 196 Music Since 1945

OMIS 108E Sustainable Operations Management
OMIS 3696 Special Topics
OMIS 3805 Supply Chain Risk Management 
PMIN 236 Creation, Science, & Ecological Theology
PMIN 251 Catholic Social Teaching

PHIL 2 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 3A Ethics in the Digital Age
PHIL 3H Ethics in the Digital Age
PHIL 4A Ethics and Gender
PHIL 4B Ethics and Gender in Film
PHIL 4AH Ethics and Gender - Honors
PHIL 5 Ethical Issues in Society
PHIL 5A Ethics & Marginalized Persons
PHIL 6 Ethical Issues in Business
PHIL 7 Ethical Issues in Medicine
PHIL 7A Ethics in Medicine
PHIL 8 Ethical Issues in Politics
PHIL 9* Ethical Issues & the Environment
PHIL 9H Ethical Issues & Environment
PHIL 10 Ethics and the Law
PHIL 11A Cultures and Ideas I: Personal Identity & Community
PHIL 11A Cultures and Ideas I: Philosophy of Law
PHIL 11A Cultures and Ideas I: Death, Afterlife, and Meaning
PHIL 11A Cultures and Ideas I: Human Nature & Moral Theories
PHIL 11A Cultures and Ideas I: Justice: Self/Others/Community
PHIL 11H Cultures and Ideas I - Honors: Personal Identity & Community
PHIL 12A Cultures and Ideas II: Personal Identity & Community
PHIL 12A Cultures and Ideas II: Philosophy of Law
PHIL 12A Cultures and Ideas II: Death, Afterlife, and Meaning
PHIL 12A Cultures and Ideas II: Human Nature & Moral Theories
PHIL 12A Cultures and Ideas II: Justice: Self/Others/Community
PHIL 12H Cultures and Ideas II - Honors: Personal Identity & Community
PHIL 70 Philosophy and Disability
PHIL 80 Science, Technology, & Society
PHIL 111 Bioethics and the Law
PHIL 113 Ethics and Constitutional Law
PHIL 114 Ethics and Criminal Law
PHIL 115 Feminism and Ethics
PHIL 119 Special Topics:Applied Ethics
PHIL 120 Ethical Theory
PHIL 122 Political Philosophy & Ethics
PHIL 122B Political Philosophy & Ethics: Contemp
PHIL 129 Special Topics: Ethical Theory
PHIL 180A University Ethics Bowl Team
PHIL 180B Ethics Bowl Practicum


*Sustainability-focused course

PHYS 1 Hands-On Physics!
PHYS 5 The Physics of Star Trek
PHYS 12 General Physics II
PHYS 13 General Physics III
PHYS 32 Phys Scientists and Engrs II
PHYS 33 Physics:Science & Engr III
PHYS 34 Physics Scientists & Engrs IV
PHYS 151 Advanced Laboratory

POLI 1 Introduction to U.S. Politics
POLI 3 Introduction to World Politics
POLI 25 Intro to International Relations
POLI 30 Intro to Political Philosophy
POLI 40 Politics of US Econ Policies
POLI 45 Criminal Justice System
POLI 50* World Geography
POLI 106 Feminist Political Theory
POLI 107 American Political Thought
POLI 111 History of Poli Philosophy I
POLI 116A Model UN Research Prep
POLI 119 European Union
POLI 121 Intl Political Economy
POLI 123 Global Environmental Politics
POLI 124 Law, Security and Force
POLI 125 International Law
POLI 126 International Organization
POLI 137 Politics in South America
POLI 139 Religion & Poli in Developing World
POLI 140 Poli in Less Developed Countries
POLI 144 European Politics
POLI 146 African Environment and Development
POLI 153 Minority Politics in the US
POLI 154 Women and Politics
POLI 155 Political Psychology
POLI 156 Politic and Mass Media
POLI 157* U.S. Environmental Policy
POLI 158 Housing & Homelessness Policy
POLI 160 The Constitution and Equality
POLI 161 Law & Politics in the U.S.
POLI 163 State and Local Politics
POLI 167 Making Public Policy
POLI 171 Women and Law
POLI 193 Senior Seminar in Political Philosophy
POLI 195L Seminar in US Politics
POLI 198A Public Sector Study and Internship
POLI 198B Public Sector Study and Internship


*Sustainability-focused course

PSYC 2 General Psychology II
PSYC 50 Ways of Knowing
PSYC 114 Ethics in Psychology
PSYC 115 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 115EL Abnormal Psychology - ELSJ
PSYC 116 Adv. Topics in Abnormal Psych
PSYC 117 Health Psychology
PSYC 118 Advanced Topics in Health Psyc
PSYC 125 Psychology of Sexual Orientation & Gender
PSYC 130 Psychology of Learning
PSYC 155 Psychology and Law
PSYC 156 Psychology of Diversity
PSYC 182 Psychology of Gender
PSYC 185 Developmental Psychology I
PSYC 185EL Developmental Psychology ELSJ
PSYC 196 Psychology of Aging

PHSC 1 Human Health and Disease
PHSC 7 Public Health and Ethics
PHSC 11 Women’s Health
PHSC 31 Community Health
PHSC 103 Advanced Global Health
PHSC 111 Health Education and Promotion
PHSC 124 Health Consequences of a Western Lifestyle
PHSC 131 Community Health
PHSC 135 Human Development & Sexuality
PHSC 157 Social Innovation Public Health
PHSC 172 Management Health Care Organizations
PHSC 190 Public Health Capstone
PHSC 193 Engineering World Health

RSOC 27 Faith and Resilience in the Silicon Valley
RSOC 33 Maya Spirituality
RSOC 38 Religion & Culture: Africa
RSOC 46 African Religions
RSOC 91 Native Spiritual Traditions
RSOC 99 Sociology of Religion
RSOC 135 Architects of Solidarity
RSOC 136 Religion in Latin America
RSOC 139 Mexican Popular Catholicism & Gender
RSOC 140 Animals, Environment & World Religion
RSOC 157 Relig Trad & Cntmp Moral Issue
RSOC 168 Gender and Judaism
RSOC 170* Religion, Gender & Globalization
RSOC 170R* RSS: Religion, Gender & Globalization
RSOC 184 Race & Religion in U.S.
RSOC 191 Religions of Colonized Peoples


*Sustainability-focused course

SCTR 26 Gender in Early Christianity
SCTR 35 Sci vs Bible: Genesis Debates
SCTR 39 Biblical Women in Power
SCTR 111 Bible & Ecology
SCTR 128 Human Suffering & Hope
SCTR 157 The Bible and Empire
SCTR 170 Darwin & God

SOCI 11A Cultures and Ideas I: Ideas in a Changing World
SOCI 12A Cultures and Ideas II: Ideas in a Changing World
SOCI 30 Self, Community, and Society
SOCI 33 Social Problems in the U.S.
SOCI 60 Intro/Social Entrepreneurship
SOCI 122 Applied Capstone
SOCI 132 Social Stratification
SOCI 135 Gender & Social Change: Latin America
SOCI 137 Social Change
SOCI 149 Business, Technology & Society
SOCI 150 Immigrant Businesses in the U.S.
SOCI 153 Race, Class, & Gender in U.S.
SOCI 157 Sociology of Family
SOCI 161 Sociology of Criminal Justice Sys
SOCI 162 Gender and Justice
SOCI 164 Collective Behavior
SOCI 165 Human Services
SOCI 172 Management Health Care Organization
SOCI 175 Race and Inequality
SOCI 180 Immigrant Communities

SPAN 21 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 21EL Intermediate Spanish I- Experiential Learning
SPAN 22EL Intermediate Spanish II - Experiential Learning
SPAN 23EL Intermediate Spanish III - Experiential Learning
SPAN 24 Spanish & Community Health
SPAN 112 Mexican Culture
SPAN 113 The Revolution Mexican Culture
SPAN 147 Cinema & Politics Latin America
SPAN 151 Contemporary Spain - Lit and Film
SPAN 175 History of Spanish Language
SPAN 176 Spanish & Latinos in the U.S.

THTR 11A Cultures and Ideas I: All the World’s a Stage
THTR 11A Cultures and Ideas I: When God was a Woman
THTR 12A Cultures and Ideas II: All the World’s a Stage
THTR 12A Cultures and Ideas II: When God was a Woman
THTR 134 Costume Design
THTR 151 Fashion, Politics, & Issues of Gender
THTR 161 American Theatre from the Black Perspective

TESP 2 Magicians, Athletes & God
TESP 16 Religion, Science, and Ecology
TESP 26 Sustainable Theologies
TESP 43 Catholic Social Thought
TESP 45 Christian Ethics
TESP 46 Faith, Justice & Poverty
TESP 65 U.S. Hispanic Theology
TESP 72 Darwin, God & the Poets
TESP 79 Women in Christian Tradition
TESP 83 Dialogue Between Science & Religion
TESP 86 Spirituality and Engineering
TESP 88 Hope & Prophetic Politics
TESP 108 Human Trafficking and Christian Ethics
TESP 119 Theology, Sex & Relationships
TESP 129 Religion and Peace
TESP 131 Feminist Theologies
TESP 152 Faith, Ethics & Biodiversity
TESP 157 Ethics in Health Professions
TESP 158 Immigration and Ethics
TESP 159 Ethics of War & Peace
TESP 163 Christianity & Politics
TESP 164 Religious Ethics in Business
TESP 165 Romero and Salvadoran Martyrs
TESP 175 Women’s Theo from the Margins
TESP 176 Nature, Humanity, Spirituality
TESP 183 Ignatian Spirituality
TESP 184 Jesus Across Cultures
TESP 192 Religion & Ecological Crisis

WGST 11A Cultures and Ideas I: Women in Transnational Perspective
WGST 12A Cultures and Ideas II: Women in Transnational Perspective
WGST 15 Literature by Women Writers of Color
WGST 16 Multicultural Literature of the U.S.
WGST 32 Women’s Health
WGST 34 U.S. Gay & Lesbian Literature
WGST 46 Gender in Early Christianity
WGST 47 Biblical Women and Power
WGST 48 Women in Christian Tradition
WGST 50 Intro:Women’s & Gender Studies
WGST 51 Introduction to LGBTQ Studies
WGST 57 Women in American Society
WGST 76 Violence Against Women
WGST 101 Feminist Theory
WGST 102 Feminist Methods
WGST 105A Body Politics
WGST 107 Gender, Technology, & Society
WGST 115 Race, Class, & Gender in U.S.
WGST 118 Women and Law
WGST 122 Global Gay & Lesbian Cultures
WGST 126 Gender & Sexuality in East Asia
WGST 128 Women & Social Change: Latin America
WGST 130 Psychology of Sexual Orientation & Gender
WGST 134AW Film, Gender, & Sexuality
WGST 138 Gay/Lesbians in U.S. History
WGST 140 Gender, Health, and Sexuality
WGST 144 Women, Gender, and Sexuality
WGST 145 Gender and Judaism
WGST 146* Religion, Gender & Globalization
WGST 149 Feminist Theologies
WGST 152 Mexican Popular Catholicism & Gender
WGST 153 The Bible and Empire
WGST 155 Family, Kin & Culture
WGST 156 Women’s Work
WGST 161 Communication and Gender
WGST 163 Feminist Literary & Cultural Theory
WGST 172 GenNationIdentity
WGST 174 Sex and the Family in America
WGST 182 Sociology of Family
WGST 183 Fashion, Politics & Issue of Gender
WGST 184 Feminism and Ethics
WGST 189 Sex, Law and Social Justice


*Sustainability-focused course

Transforming Our Curriculum: Sustainability Across the Curriculum Program