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  • Sustainability Minor

    Students who seek this minor will become more educated about the environment, social equity and economic issues, and will be part of a cohort of empowered individuals who have the skills to collaborate for effective change. This minor is easily accessible to all Santa Clara University undergraduates as it incorporates existing classes from different schools. The sustainability minor allows students to integrate an understanding of sustainability into their course of study from different disciplinary perspectives and in interdisciplinary ways. The sustainability minor brings a new dimension to existing local, regional, and global SCU partnerships, both providing our students with sustainability-related learning opportunities and an opportunity to assist organizations to increase their commitment to sustainability.

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    Campus Sustainability Investment Fund

    The Investment fund is an educational tool to provide hands-on learning and involve our campus community in driving sustainable change at SCU, specifically to move the University toward climate neutrality by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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    Sustainable Energy Initiative

    SCU’s School of Engineering has a long history of involvement in sustainable energy studies. New courses are being developed each quarter, and a graduate certificate in renewable energy and a multi-disciplinary master’s degree in energy and sustainability are offered to train Silicon Valley’s professionals to meet the changing demands in the rapidly growing renewable energy market.

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    Master of Science in Sustainable Energy

    SCU's School of Engineering now offers a Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Graduate Program. Interested students must complete an undergraduate degree in a field of engineering or physics, and throughout their course of study, students will take foundational courses in sustainability as well as applied mathematics and engineering.

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    Transforming Curriculum: Sustainability Across the Curriculum Program

    The Sustainability Across the Curriculum Program, formerly known as the Penstemon Project, supports faculty to integrate sustainability across the curriculum in every school and department at SCU. The program offers funding and training for the faculty, strengthening our campus culture of sustainability. Sustainability Across the Curriculum also keeps an inventory of all courses that include sustainability, building our reputation as a leader in higher education.

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