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Santa Clara University is committed to fostering a more humane, just, faith-filled, and sustainable world. To that end, the University has developed a distinctive and substantial research focus on justice and sustainability by increasing faculty research and enhancing research collaborations in these areas.

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Sustainability Research Initiative

To advance these goals, SCU launched a Sustainability Research Initiative. Components of the initiative were developed from a series of focused discussions with faculty scholars in 2009 and funded by the President's Office.

Through grants for research, professional development, and retreats, the initiative has helped to establish a vibrant, productive, and collaborative research community focused on projects related to justice and sustainability. Faculty can continue to apply for sustainability research grants of up to $10,000 to support research and creative activity and foster new scholarly projects in the areas of sustainability and environmental justice.

Departments with at least one faculty member conducting sustainability research

Art and art history
Environmental Studies
Ethnic Studies
Liberal Studies
Math/Computer Science
Modern Languages
Political Science
Religious Studies
Theatre and Dance

Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Operations and Management Systems

Faculty are conducting research related to sustainability that range in a variety of topics such as fuel cells to food system governance, environmental justice and racial equity issues in K-12 schools, economic development in Africa, and spirituality.

Adalsteinsson, Thorsteinn. Chemistry
AlAzzazwi, Shireen. Economics
Aschheim, Mark. Civil Engineering
Asuri, Prashanth. Bioengineering
Bachen, Chris. Communication
Bacon, Christopher. Environmental Studies and Sciences
Baker, Greg. Management
Ball, W. David. Law
Barber, Rich. Physics
Basu, Radha. Engineering
Beatty, Christopher. Biology
Beitelmal, Monem. Mechanical Engineering
Bezanson, Michelle. Anthropology
Bezrokova, Yekaterina. Psychology
Booth, Sherry. English
Burnham, Michelle. English
Burns, Barbara. Liberal Studies
Cai, Gangshu. Operations Management and Information Systems
Carroll, Stephen. English
Castori, Michael. Religious Studies
Channing, McGabe. Operations Management and Information Systems
Charaus, Brigitte. History
Dahlhoff, Elizabeth. Biology
den Nieuwenboer, Niki. Management
Diekman, Lucy. Environmental Studies and Sciences
Espinoza, John. English
Fabris, Drazen. Mechanical Engineering
Farnsworth, John. Environmental Studies and Sciences
Farris, Frank. Math/Computer Science
Figueira, Sylvia. Computer Engineering
Frisbie, Susan. English
Frontczak, Deirdre. Business
Garcia, Sara. Education
Gibson, Diana C. Religious Studies
Gilbert, Melissa. Education
Gire, Jeff. Office of Marketing and Communications
Glaser, Kirk. English
Gordon, Dennis. Political Science
Gray, David. Religious Studies
Gray, Leslie. Environmental Studies and Sciences
Green, Brian. Markkula Ethics Center/Engineering
Gullette, Gregory. Anthropology
He, Rong. Civil Engineering
Healy, Tim. Electrical Engineering
Helmers, Christian. Economics
Hinga, Teresia. Religious Studies
Hoggard, Patrick. Chemistry
Ifcher, John. Economics
Jain, Sanjay. Management
Jo, Hoje. Finance
Jonte-Pace, Diane. Provost's Office
Judnik, Maria. English
Kareiva, Peter. Environmental Studies and Sciences
Kealhofer, Lisa. Anthropology and Environmental Studies
Kevane, Michael. Economics
Kirby, Gail. Marketing
Kitts, Christopher. Mechanical engineering
Krishnan, Samiha. Electrical Engineering
Kusanovich, Kristin. Theatre and Dance
Landry, Julia. Campus Ministry
Lee, Hohyun. Mechanical Engineering
Lieberman, Andy. Law
Madarassy, Rita. Economics
Mains, Bill. Undergraduate Business Program
Manaster, Kenneth. Law
Marvier, Michelle. Environmental Studies and Sciences
Matzek, Virginia. Environmental Studies and Sciences
Maurer, Ed. Civil Engineering
McElvain, Cheryl. Education
Meyer, Michael Joseph. Philosophy
Michels, Bob. Education and Counseling Psychology
Minowitz, Peter. Political Science
Mix, Hari. Environmental Studies and Sciences
Mobed-Miremadi, Maryam. BioEngineering
Mohler, Courtney. Theatre and Dance
Molesky-Poz, Jean. Religious Studies
Molony, Barbara. History
Mourad, Samiha. Electrical Engineering
Murray, Barbara. Theatre & Dance
Nanda, Aparajita. English
Nilsson, Tonya. Civil Engineering
Odamtten, Harry. History
Pan, Carrie. Finance
Park, Damian. Economics
Piderit, Sandy. Management
Pinault, David. Religious Studies
Popalisky, David. Theatre and Dance
Puts, Oliver. Religious Studies
Raphael, Chad. Communication
Reynolds, Ryan. Art and Art History
Ribas, Alberto. Modern Languages
Riney-Niewiadomski, Jean. Counseling Psychology
Ruscetti, Tracy. Biology
Said, Hisham. Civil Engineering
Shapiro, Jerry. CPSY
Shefrin, Hersh. Finance
Shin, Dongsoo. Economics
Singh, Sukhmander. Civil Engineering
Silva, Fern. Communications
Skinner, David. History
Smestad, Greg. Graduate Engineering
Smith, Stephen. Operations Management and Information Systems
Sperling, Lindsey. Chemistry
Stewart-Frey, Iris. Environmental Studies and Sciences
Stokes, Grace. Chemistry and Biochemistry
Sundstrom, William. Economics
Sweeny, Elizabeth. Center for Science, Technology, and Society
Thortenson, Brian. Theatre and Dance
Tran, Nicholas. Math/Computer Science
Trevisan, Richard. Management
Unger, Nancy. History
Vallor, Shannon. Philosophy
Velasquez, Manuel. Management
Walker, Jamie. Ethnic Studies
Warner, Keith. Religious Studies
Whalen, Mike. Communication
Wheeler, Korin. Chemistry & Biochemistry
Whittall, Justen. Biology
Wilson, Sarah. Electrical Engineering
Woolley, Jennifer Lynn. Management
Yang, Cary. Electrical Engineering
Yang, Tseming. Law
Zecevic, Aleksandar. Electrical Engineering

More and more students are focusing their research on issues related to sustainability. Such projects include engineering students' senior design projects, an analysis of the University's current and future energy usage and an examination of the sustainability in SCU offices.

Sustainable Living Undergraduate Research Project (SLURP)

SLURP stands for Sustainable Living Undergraduate Research Project and promotes a culture of sustainability throughout the University via applied research. Members of SLURP live on a special floor in the CyPhi RLC and receive course credit (ENVS 195). Read about past projects.

Undergraduate Fellowship in Environmental Ethics

This Fellowship, a program of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, explores the ethical dimensions of sustainability.

School of Engineering Senior Design Conference

Senior engineering students receive a comprehensive education that honors both Silicon Valley's entrepreneurial spirit and Santa Clara's Jesuit values and culminates into a thoughtful, technological innovation in service to humanity.

Solar Decathlon

SCU participates in this biennial competition, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, which unites college teams to design, construct, and operate the most energy efficient, functional, and attractive solar-powered home.

Tiny House Competition

The School of Engineering participates in the collegiate competition to design and build net-zero, tiny solar houses. This challenge mirros the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Decathlong and is spearheaded by SMUD's Energy & Technology Center and Community Solar program.

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Contribute to a more sustainable campus by helping to advance one of our impactful projects.

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