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Cultural Heritage

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    The de Saisset Museum

    The de Saisset Museum, a free museum of art and history located on campus, houses several permanent exhibitions that preserve our diverse cultural heritage in a sustainable and engaging manner. The California History Collection displays the history of the area from the pre-contact period and the founding of Mission Santa Clara through the Gold Rush and the early years of Santa Clara College.

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    The Archaeology Research Lab on campus is committed to uncovering and preserving the complex, cultural history of the land Santa Clara University was built on in order to cultivate value and respect for our school's past as we move forward.

  • Campus Heritage: You Are What You Trash

    What would you do if a total stranger walked up to you and said they could tell you all about you and your family: favorite foods, medicines, toys, beverages, hobbies, tools, your social status, family size, vocation, and, possibly even your ethnicity? And, imagine if that person could take it step further and tell you into which period in your life those items fit? If that stranger was an archaeologist, that wouldn’t be hard to do.

  • Campus Heritage: Help from Friends at Parks & Recreation

    The enthusiasm of so many dedicated individuals resulted in a substantial contribution to the Cultural Resources Management Program at SCU and deepened the appreciation of the priceless heritage site at Mission Santa Cruz.

  • Campus Heritage: Temporary Travels to Tribelets

    Evidence from campus excavations indicate hints of Ohlone population travel and leisure.