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Reporting (STARS)

SCU's sustainability ranking through the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS) has helped to establish our institution as a leader in sustainability.

SCU was ranked as a STARS Gold Institution for the past few years, and with an upcoming Strategic Sustainability Plan, the ongoing and future campus initiatives will hopefull position the University to achieve a higher ranking and score by 2020. The score is based on the percentage of points earned by pursuing credits across four main categories: Academics (AC), Engagement (EN), Operations, (OP), and Planning & Administration (PA). Institutions can also earn up to four Innovation & Leadership points for exemplary and path-breaking initatives that are not covered by other STARs credits.

View the full report on the STARS website.

This section focuses on curriculum and research, which includes information on academic courses, learning outcomes, number of graduates in sustainability programs, a literacy assessment, support for and access to research related to sustainability, and how the University uses the campus as a living laboratory.

This sections evaluates the impact and reach of the events, programs, publications, and other educational initiatives within the University community such as student life and orientation, peer education, and professional development. It also examines the campus' partnerships including with local government and other campuses, as well as service within its community.

This section measures all aspects of the operations management at the institution, which includes the University's greenhouse gas emissions, the amount of local food in dining services, the power mix that fuels buildings, waste minimization, diversion, and management, biodiversity and landscape management, as well as University purchasing choices and processes.

This section focuses on the institution's long-term commitment to sustainability by reviewing initiatives and policies regarding sustainability planning, governance, diversity and affordability, the University's investments, and well-being in the workplace.

This section allows institutions to share their unique and exemplary practices and intiatives. SCU showcased sustainability course designation, green laboratories, pay scale equity, adjunct faculty compensationPenstemon 2.0, and a program pilot for autonomous vehicles.

Recognition and Scoring


Rating Minimum Score
Platinum 85
Gold 65
Silver 45
Bronze 25

STARS, a program of AASHE, Gold Rating Logo