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Climate Action

Sustainability Strategic Plan | Climate Action

As a 2007 Charter Signatory of the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment, we are proud of our early leadership and bold commitment to climate neutrality. We have significantly reduced our net contributions to global warming and recognize we need to take new steps to balance our commitment to climate neutrality with a growing and expanding global engagement.


Achieve Climate Neutrality

Achieve energy Climate Neutrality by 2020
Achieve energy + transportation Climate Neutrality by 2029


  • Increase energy performance of our buildings
  • Decarbonize our energy sources
Decrease energy use 50% per square foot by 2020

Maintain zero growth in grid-purchased energy

Generate 20% of total energy via on-site renewables by 2022
Source 100% renewable electricity

Source 100% renewable energy


  • Reduce single-occupancy commutes
  • Provide opportunities for higher fuel efficiency
  • Reduce travel emissions
Reduce employee single-occupancy vehicle commute rate to 60%
Reduce vehicle miles traveled per capita by 10% by 2025
Increase employee public transit commuters 2% by 2025
Increase commuters' average fuel efficiency 1% annually until 2029
Increase bicycle ridership 2% by 2022
Reduce University-funded travel emissions as much as possible by 2029
Develop programs to engage employees in reducing University-funded travel emissions
coming soon!

What You Can Do

Get involved!

Download the Sustainability Playbook based on your campus role and choose how you'll contribute. Earn collectable badge (there are 9, collect 'em all!) to show off how you're building a more #SustainableSCU! Check out the Center for Sustainability's Data Hub to see more detail about SCU's sustainability metrics.

What We're Working On 

This implementation roadmap lists strategies that will move us towards achieving our goals and objectives for each of the categories in this section: climate, energy, and transportation.