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Responsible Consumption

Sustainability Strategic Plan | Responsible Consumption

As a large institution, SCU approaches our resource needs through mindful consumption. We must plan for a not-so-distant future when even recycled water won't be abundant for landscaping use. Moreover, despite our tremendous gains in diverting waste from the landfill, we must reduce all waste leaving campus by shifting our purchasing practices to eliminate single-use items and foster reuse of materials.


Landscape in a sustainable manner

Develop an Integrated Pest Management Plan by 2018

Promote healthy urban forest management and engage the campus community in environmental stewardship
Manage landscape in accordance with a sustainable landscape management program by 2020.
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Minimize negative impacts of our built environment.
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Apply sustainability criteria when making procurement decisions

Purchase 95% green cleaning & janitorial paper products by 2020
Achieve 100% EPEAT Gold equipment purchases by 2020
Develop an electronics purchasing and reuse/disposal policy by 2020
Increase proportion of plant-based meals offered by Dining Services
Purchase 25% Real Food by 2020

Publish sustainability purchasing criteria
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  • Reduce total campus waste
  • Reduce waste sent to landfills
Divert 90% of waste from landfills by 2020
Reduce total waste per capita 5% by 2020, and 5% biannually thereafter
Reduce food waste 10% by 2020, 20% by 2025
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  • Strengthen culture of water conservation
  • Reduce operational water use
Decrease recycled water use per acre of vegetated grounds 20% by 2020
Decrease potable water use per square foot 40% by 2020

Decrease potable water use per capita 35% by 2020

What You Can Do

Get involved!

Download the Sustainability Playbook based on your campus role and choose how you'll contribute. Earn collectable badge (there are 9, collect 'em all!) to show off how you're building a more #SustainableSCU! Check out the Center for Sustainability's Data Hub to see more detail about SCU's sustainability metrics.

What We're Working On 

This implementation roadmap lists strategies that will move us towards achieving our goals and objectives for each of the categories in this section: purchasing, landscaping, water, and waste.