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Sustainability Strategic Plan | Quality Education

SCU has pioneered a robust sustainability across the curriculum program, but we’ll need everyone’s expertise and contributions to truly solve the climate crisis and build a humane, just, and sustainable world. Students will experience their role in climate action through expanded use of the campus as a living laboratory in all academic disciplines.



  • Expand sustainability across the curriculum
  • Increase the number of scholars engaged in sustainability research
  • Use the campus as a living laboratory to develop sustainable solutions
Increase the number of courses with a sustainability component to 33% by 2025
Increase number of sustainability-related researchers to 25%

Expose 100% of students to sustainability through their coursework
Increase use of campus as a living laboratory



Mobilize our community to build a more sustainable and resilient world

Increase number of students and employees engaged in sustainability-themed events and activities

Achieve 60% of students and employees engaged in sustainable behaviors by 2025
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Achieve 60% of campus organizations practicing sustainable operations by 2030
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Increase university-community partnerships for research and teaching about environmental justice

Define how we measure student and employee engagement in sustainable behaviors by 2020
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What You Can Do

Get involved!

Download the Sustainability Playbook based on your campus role and choose how you'll contribute. Earn collectable badge (there are 9, collect 'em all!) to show off how you're building a more #SustainableSCU! Check out the Center for Sustainability's Data Hub to see more detail about SCU's sustainability metrics.

What We're Working On

This implementation roadmap lists strategies that will move us towards achieving our goals and objectives for each of the categories in this section: engagement and academics.