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Get involved with the Sustainability Strategic Plan by downloading the most applicable Playbook below based on your campus role and choose actions today!

Anyone on campus can earn 9 collectable badges to show off how we're building a more #SustainableSCU! Start by finding your campus role, view the Playbook and select two actions in each category or commit to one of the identified badge-worthy actions at the bottom of the page.

To earn a badge, you must complete two actions in each category or commit to one of the badge-worthy actions on our "short list" to earn a badge in that particular category. (Details on the latter at the bottom of the page.) Please take a look at our calendar for upcoming events that are considered "badge-worthy," such as our quarterly waste characerizations or Scrape Your Plate initiative.

In order to claim a badge, you must attend or engage with a selected event or program where a Center for Sustainability representative can give you your earned badge. All that is required is your full name. For actions that are not directly an event or program, you must provide documentation or proof of that particular action. Photos on social media with the hashtag #SustainableSCU (and/or tagging @sustainableSCU in an Instagram Story) or an emailed referral or nomination from another person who can vouch for the action is accepted. Feel free to ask questions or send inquiries to



The Short List of Badge-Worthy Actions