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Eco-Fashion & Art Show

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Interested in modeling, designing, or helping behind-the-scenes?

Where to start?

If you're thinking about being a designer, you don't need experience, just an idea!

Save the date

Our 9th annual show will be held on April 25th at the Recital Hall and Arts Plaza.

The Eco-Fashion & Art Show is a night of learning and celebration of art with eco-fashion on the runway, showcasing the talents of Santa Clara students, faculty, staff, and alumni!

Designers are asked to reuse old or recyclable materials that would normally have to go to the landfill to make a piece of art that is durable (can be worn again or can be recycled completely after the show) and looks fashionable. No money should be spent on this project, so designers are using old clothes that they don't wear anymore and collecting scraps of fabric and other materials!

What, besides “trash” and recycling, is this show about?

The fashion industry! We’ll be talking about the impact of fashion on economic, social, and environmental levels, including the lives of the factory workers that manufacture the clothes we wear, the impact of our clothing’s dyes, and other ties that are related to the environment and sustainability.

Event Details

Photos from previous shows can be found on our Facebook page! Comment on which one was your favorite! You can also check out photos from the our Flickr Album or our Facebook album. Email or sign up online to get involved in our next show! 

For a better idea of what the runway looks like, check out the Center for Sustainability's YouTube channel for videos of previous shows. Looking for some inspiration? Check out our eco-fashion Pinterest board!


Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, eco-fashion is fashion that has been produced with respect for people and the environment. This means clothing products that provide fair working conditions and wages, are produced with materials that are gentle on the environment, and take into account the life cycle of a product, among other things.


Santa Clara’s Eco-fashion & Art show was started by a student in 2011 to do a few things: educate about the influence and impact of the fashion industry promote sustainable fashion choices and values in the lives of the SCU community (reuse, upcycling, reimagining existing things that could be seen as “trash” in new ways) to highlight creative reuse and the importance of durability, wearability and recyclability in purchasing decisions.


Absolutely! There are five ways you can be involved in this show. Contact Claire O at for more information. design (create a piece) model (aka work the runway) judge (based on durability, wearability and recyclability) attend (and bring friends!) gather materials (find interesting, reused items that can be used in outfits).


No! While using fabric is a fun option that can result in a design you can wear after the show you should make it out of anything reusable - plastic bags, paper, etc. We’ve also hosted workshops in the past to teach designers the basics of sewing and provide resources for their work and are looking to do the same this January. 


Anything you find that’s secondhand or would have gone to landfill! No money is supposed to be spent on new materials by designers on this project – it’s all about reuse and upcycling. In the past, runway creations have been made out of plastic bags, well-loved clothing, old curtains, newspapers, used coffee to-go cups and more! 


Don’t worry - we can match you up! Email if you find yourself in this situation and we’ll do our best to find you a good partner.


Last year, some designers for the show finished their outfits in less than a day of working on it! And...some of the outfits were finished within the week! It’s not a lot of work, and it’s really fun to make something out of what other people would call ‘trash’! 


All designs must be completed by: 02/01/17. Designers and models will participate in a run-through a couple of hours beforehand. If you start early on your designs, you could come up with more than one fabulous piece! 


Of course! Feel free to contribute a design on your own, with a partner, or as part of a team. 


Join the global movement

Fashion Revolution Week is April 23rd-April 29th, a campaign that runs during the same time a few years ago when the Rana Plaza factory collapsed and advocates for transparency in the fashion industry