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Food Waste Challenge

Show love for the planet

The goal is to produce as little food waste as possible–purchase only what you need for the week, use as much as possible, or compost. 

February 9-12, 2021

This Challenge invites the SCU community to measure their edible food for 4 days in order to increase awareness about food waste, to offer creative and preventative solutions, and to educate about how food waste reduction is a way to draw down the effects of climate change.

Please fill out the sign-up form to let us know that you/your team is interested in participating.


Did you know that around 40% of food produced in the United States is waste each year? While a good amount of this comes from production sources such as supermarkets, there are actions that we can take to reduce our personal food waste and become more aware of our consumption habits. Reduce your food waste and show your love for our bodies, communities, and planet! The Center for Sustainability’s Food Waste Challenge will take place from February 9th to 12th, 2021. To participate, store and measure your edible food waste for each day. Whoever has the least food waste at the end of the challenge will win a zero-waste prize! Bonus: everyone who participates for all four days will earn their Waste Badge! Ready to get started? Sign up using this Google Form. 

Here are the details:

  • INDIVIDUALS/TEAMS: You may create a team for the challenge, but only individual competitors are eligible to earn the zero-waste prize. If you sign up as a team, the team that has the least food waste at the end of the challenge will be featured on our social media pages and our website! Feel free to compete against another team by publicly declaring a challenge on social media and letting us know (tag @sustainablescu or email so we can send you results!
  • MEASURING AND STORING FOOD WASTE: We recommend using a measuring cup or another container with a known volume to store your food waste. 
    • We will require photos of the food waste and some sort of measurement (this can be an estimate, but should be in cups, quarts, ounces, mL, pounds, etc.!).Clear Glass Measuring Cup
    • Submit your measurements using this Google Form.
    • You can choose to submit your measurements once a day (submit the form four times total) or at the end of the challenge (submit the form once and report your measurements from each day). Please be sure to write a measurement for each day of the challenge.
  • WHAT SHOULD YOU BE STORING AND REPORTING? Edible food waste is not the same as food waste in general! 
    • You should keep and measure anything that you can eat or that would be served on your plate (e.g. bruised produce, leftovers, etc.)
    • You should NOT keep and measure parts of food that we do not eat (e.g. coffee grounds, bones, fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells, apple cores, etc.)
  • JOIN THE COMMUNITY: Follow along with us and our co-sponsors on social media throughout the week for fast facts, best practices, and challenge experiences! Plus, if you indicate that you’re okay with us sharing your content, look for it on Instagram (@SustainableSCU), Facebook (“Sustainability at SCU”), and our website ( 
  • Our Co-Sponsors:
      • Associated Student Government
      • Center for Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CFIE)
      • The Wellness Center/Peer Health Educators
      • Into the Wild
      • Food Recovery Network
      • SCU Net Impact, Grad Chapter

Black Waste Badge - Recycling Symbol Icon #SustainableSCU

  • Virtual events are new for us, so we’d love to hear about your experience completing this challenge. Please fill out this feedback form to let us know your thoughts.