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Sustainability Olympics

Sustainability Olympics

The Sustainability Olympics is a year-long event aimed at encouraging the completion of Sustainability Strategic Plan Playbooks actions. The Olympics feature monthly themes, synchronous and asynchronous events, and friendly competition. Individual actions = points for teams! The games begin Fall Quarter, Week 1!

Center for Sustainability Official Olympics logo 2021-22

Nope! All members of the SCU community are automatically part of the Olympics and can start completing actions at any time. To contribute to your team’s ranking though, you need to fill out the action completion form so that we can track which actions you have accomplished.

  • There are two divisions: Students and Non-Students. Teams within each division compete against each other to complete as many Playbook actions as possible (and earn badges along the way).
  • Student division teams: Alpha, Communitas, Cura, CyPhi, daVinci, Loyola, Modern Perspectives, Nobili, Unity, Villas, Xavier, Commuters/Off-Campus/Virtual
  • Non-student division teams: Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Community Members (including Family and Friends)
  • Take action from the Sustainability Playbooks. Each action completed = one point towards your team’s total. At the end of the quarter, the team with the most points wins!
  • In addition to rewarding the top-scoring team, the three individuals who complete the most actions will also be honored as “medalists” and recognized for their commitment to sustainability.
  • Prizes: Aside from bragging rights, members of the winning team are eligible for raffle prizes at the end of the academic year during our annual Sustainability Celebration. Also, anyone who takes three or more actions in a category earns a Playbook badge—regardless of their team’s ranking. Above all, the greatest reward is knowing you are contributing to the University’s Sustainability Strategic Plan, drawing down climate change by shifting behaviors towards a more sustainable lifestyle!
  • Playbook actions are the individual steps that you can take to live more sustainably. Ex: listen to a presentation about climate change, advocate for renewable energy, take shorter showers
  • Playbook badges are the physical patches you can earn after doing various Playbook actions. There are nine badge categories: Academics, Climate Commitment, Energy, Engagement, Landscaping, Purchasing, Transportation, Waste, and Water.
  • Within a category, three Playbook actions are worth one badge. There are also a few actions that can earn a badge by themselves—these are higher-impact and more transformative.
  • Yes! Email with your organization and event details to be considered for an addition to our Olympics calendar of events.