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Build a Bee Hotel | A Postcard from the Garden

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Postcards from the Garden are our way of keeping connected to the children and classrooms participating in our food justice program.

Next time you use ingredients from a can, save that can! This is an excellent start to collecting the materials you need to make a hotel for solitary bees, like the mason bee. They don’t make honey, but these important pollinators help our gardens grow. Sociology of Education Winter ‘21 students tell us more about pollinators in their Postcard from the Garden. 


Watch this How-To Make a Bee Hotel Video created by Vanessa ‘21 to learn how easy and fun it is to make a home for our garden friends.

Here’s Step-by-Step Instructions to Making your Bee Hotel

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Beehive Craft 

Materials: One tin can, string, hammer,one nail, paper, glue, scissors, and paint.

Step 1: Wash and de-label your soup can, and make sure both ends of the can are off.

Step 2: Paint your can!

Step 3: Use a nail and hammer to poke two holes on top of the can 

Step 4: Gather a stack of papers you are going to throw away

Step 5: Start rolling up the paper into small thin tubes about the length of the can

Step 6: Place glue in the inside of the can, stick your paper tubes until you fill up the can

Step 7: If you have hot or super glue, add two bottle caps on each side, creating bee wings that you can use as a water dishes!! 

Step 8: Tie your string through the holes on top of the can, and hang outside for the bees to inhabit 

Colmena di Lata

Materiales: Una lata, tijeras, pegamento, cuerda, tapas de botella, papeles

Paso 1: Lava tu lata y quitar la etiqueta

Paso 2: Pinta tu lata!

Paso 3: Usa un clavo y un martillo para hacer dos agujeros en la parte superior de la lata

Paso 4: Reúna una pila de papeles que va a tirar 

Paso 5: Comience a enrollar el papel en pequeños tubos delgados de aproximadamente la longitud de la lata

Paso 6: Coloque pegamento dentro de la lata. Luego, pegue sus tubos de papel hasta llenar la lata

Paso 7: Pegamento caliente dos tapas de botella en cada lado. ¡Creando alas de abeja que puedas usar como platos de agua!

Paso 8: Ata tu cuerda a través de los agujeros de la lata. ¡Entonces quédese afuera!