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Digging in the Dirt | A Postcard from the Garden

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Postcards from the Garden are our way of keeping connected to the children and classrooms participating in our food justice program.

Let’s get outside and find a safe place to get close to the ground, because we are looking for dirt! Dirt is what we explorers of the outdoors call SOIL. Soil is made up of organic matter and mineral particles. Sociology of Education Winter ‘21 students explain these soil terms in their Postcard from the Garden

Some Fun & Dirty Activities
 - Idk what to put here Link to file
 - Idk what to write Link to file

Can you draw an example of organic matter? How about mineral particles? Take a look at this How-To Guide created by Anthropology major Madison ‘21.

View directly, or right-click to save a copy.

Listen to Miss Lisa read Everybody Needs a Rock, by Byrd Baylor and get outside to find your own rock or 2 or 12!

Here’s a rock collection container label created by Environmental Science major, Vanessa 21 that fits any egg carton and can hold your rock collection.

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