Kennedy Commons

Situated between academic and residential areas of the campus, the 7,500 square foot Commons serves as a community meeting place for faculty and students—housing classrooms, administrative offices, and a multi-purpose room. The Commons at Kennedy Mall is home to a variety of classes, meetings, and events.

Building Features:

    • Natural ventilation
      living green roof
    • Solar chimney
    • Day lighting
    • Green roof that supports live planting - Updated FAQs about removal (March 2015)
    • Ground water cooling
    • Energy and water conservation
    • Insulating straw bale walls
    • Displacement ventilation
    • Data measurement and verification

Benefits of Sustainable Building:

The Commons enables SCU to evaluate sustainable components that may be used in upcoming capital projects. This building demonstrates that sustainability responds to community, environmental, and economic needs.

In designing the new Commons, SCU brought together architectural and environmental experts to create a facility that promotes sustainable design and green building concepts by example and through education. The Commons serves as a learning laboratory by incorporating sustainable components and measuring their performance over time.

  • Community
    • Demonstrates and utilizes green building concepts
    • Enhances occupant comfort and health
    • Minimizes strain on local infrastructure
  • Environment

    • Improves air and water quality
    • Enhances and protects ecosystems
    • Conserves natural resources
  • Economy

    • Optimizes life-cycle economic performance
    • Reduces operating costs
    • Improves productivity

The Commons on Kennedy Mall Sponsors 

The following companies have provided support for the Kennedy Commons:
Bentley Prince Street: Finish materials 
Devcon: Design and construction services
Forell Elsesser Engineers: Structural Engineering
Haworth: Raised floor and wall systems
KMD: Design services
MPM: Green consulting and management services
Silicon Valley Power: Energy consulting
Timmons Design Engineers: Mechanical / Engineering Services
Trane: Air Distribution systems
USG: Construction materials