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Bronco Urban Gardens

Often referred to as BUG, Bronco Urban Gardens is the food justice outreach program of Santa Clara University, based out of The Forge Garden, and works in solidarity with marginalized neighborhoods, supporting their urban garden projects and spaces, to create hands-on learning experiences for students of all ages and backgrounds, including SCU students. BUG provides technical support and garden-enhanced education that serves to increase ecological literacy and food access as well as raise nutritional awareness.

Garden Clubs

K-5 students and undergrads learn how to care for a garden and explore the natural world

Garden Labs

Supports teacher usage of their school garden with SCU students as small group support for hands-on lessons

Delivery & Outreach

Delivery of fresh produce as well as support for container garden projects


BUG Bronco Urban Gardens Logo PROGRAM GOALS


  1. Support engaging learning spaces and inclusive garden-based curriculum for school aged children in underserved schools and marginalized communities of Santa Clara County.
  2. Provide community-based learning opportunities for SCU undergraduates which support within the surrounding neighborhoods of the University, which includes support Arrupe Weekly Engagement, student projects, service-learning events, and coursework seeking to fulfill the Experiential Learning for Social Justice (ELSJ) Core requirement.
  3. Build partnerships and work in solidarity with surrounding neighborhoods, in order create mutual learning experiences that promote inquiry and dialogue for more just and sustainable food systems.


Community Partners 

502 Illinois Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

BUG partners with Gardner Academy to coordinate technical, educational and volunteer support for their school garden, a BUG hub.  


100 Oak Street, San Jose, CA 95110

BUG partners with Washington Elementary to coordinate technical, educational and volunteer support for their school garden, a BUG hub.

BUG delivers a portion of the Forge’s weekly harvest and provides garden-based programming for the mothers and children connected to Homesafe, a transitional housing facility for families affected by domestic violence.  

BUG hubs are placement sites for the Ignatian Center’s signature program, Arrupe Weekly Engagement, coordinating SCU student engagement in a range of garden-based programs.

The Forge Garden is home to BUG operations, supporting growing efforts at all BUG hubs and providing a space for HomeSafe garden-based educational programming as well as a field trip location for schools working with BUG.

Involvement Opportunities

BUG currently supports 3 urban garden sites, BUG hubs, which include Gardner Academy, Washington Elementary and HomeSafe Transitional Housing for Women and Children.  BUG is currently unable to manage new urban garden spaces; however, both The Forge and BUG coordinate to find other ways to support and act as a resources for urban garden projects throughout the community.  This might look like donating starts for school gardens or supporting student projects, to coordinating volunteer or service learning events in the community.  

  • Join BUG mailing list
  • Sign up department or team to coordinate volunteer project 
  • SCU Day of Giving
  • SCU Day of Service


  • Student Projects
  • Service Learning Events
  • Build out curriculum to support ELSJ or community-based learning
  • Nicole T.

    Community member & mother

    Nicole T.

    "I have observed the tremendous benefits that have resulted from the residents’ involvement in Garden Club. My own child, who is usually reluctant to eat anything that isn’t covered in frosting, has actually tried and enjoyed many healthy foods!"

  • Elvia Casas

    CORAL site supervisor

    Elvia Casas

    "It was great collaborating with BUG to bring garden club to my CORAL students in our expanded learning program. The CORAL students as well as my instructor loved have SCU volunteers helping students to learn about the garden."

Contact Bronco Urban Gardens by reaching out to Lisa Martinez, BUG Educator.

Please visit the About the Center page for more on the history of BUG. Grow with us on social media!