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Bronco Urban Gardens

Let's Grow Together!

Often referred to as BUG, Bronco Urban Gardens is the food justice initiative of Santa Clara University’s Center for Sustainability, based out of The Forge Garden, and works in solidarity with marginalized neighborhoods, supporting their urban garden projects and spaces, to create hands-on learning experiences for students of all ages and backgrounds, including SCU students. BUG provides technical support and garden-enhanced education that serves to increase ecological literacy and raise nutritional awareness as well as food access.

Learning Beyond the Classroom


Are you interested in the intersection where sustainable community development and urban agriculture meet?  Become part of the BUG team! Internships are paid positions that average 10 hours a week. Applications are being accepted now for fall quarter.

Learning Partnerships

Living Laboratories

BUG works with several departments on campus, in order to provide experiential learning opportunities for a specific course. BUG collaborates with both the professor and community to build out an engagement model that uniquely fits the needs of all students involved.

Weekly Engagement Program

Garden Clubs

Garden Clubs are Bronco Urban Gardens longest running garden-based enrichment program. SCU students can participate in these particular programs on a weekly basis. These are coordinated through the Arrupe Weekly Engagement Program and an Ignatian Center partnership.

Contact Bronco Urban Gardens

Want to coordinate a team building event?  Coordinate a volunteer event at a BUG garden site, by emailing The BUG Outreach Intern will work with you to build out an experience that works for your team.

Reach out and integrate experiential learning into your curriculum. There are a range of project-based courses that have worked with and continue to work the BUG program, please reach out directly to our BUG Educator, Lisa Martinez, at (408) 386-5544 or for more information.

Student projects have ranged department engagement from Studio Art to Engineering.  The garden provides a rich canvas for any major that has an interest in sustainable food systems and/or is seeking meaningful collaboration with underserved communities.  Contact BUG Educator, Lisa Martinez, at (408)386-5544 or for more information.

Past Student Projects:

Business School:  social media analysis and plan

CIVA Grant Spring 2018: cenotype printmaking workshop 

Engineer 110 projects: weather station, decomposition station and garden scale

Mechanical Engineer Senior Design 2018-2019: automated greenhouse


Support Campuswide Community-Based Learning Initiatives:  BUG provides community-based learning opportunities for undergraduates, which support Arrupe Weekly Engagement, student projects, service learning events, and coursework seeking to fulfill the Experiential Learning for Social Justice (ELSJ) Core requirement.

Build Inclusive Learning Models:  BUG supports engaging learning spaces and inclusive garden-based curriculum for school aged children in underserved schools and marginalized communities of Santa Clara County. 

Explore Food Justice at the Community Level: BUG builds on local partnerships and works in solidarity with surrounding neighborhoods, in order create mutual learning experience that promote inquiry and dialog for more just and sustainable food systems.

BUG Bronco Urban Gardens Logo


Enroll in SOCI 109: The Sociology of Education for the Winter Quarter and work at BUG school gardens.

Community Partners 

502 Illinois Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

BUG partners with Gardner Academy to coordinate technical, educational and volunteer support for their school garden.  Our partnership includes coordinating with teachers and administration, parent leadership as well as the extended care organization on campus.  


100 Oak Street, San Jose, CA 95110

BUG partners with Washington Elementary to coordinate technical, educational and volunteer support for their school garden. Our partnership includes coordinating with teachers and administration, parent leadership as well as CORAL, the extended care organization on campus.

BUG delivers a portion of the Forge’s weekly harvest and provides garden-based programming for the women and families living at Homesafe, a transitional housing facility for survivors of domestic violence.  

The Ignatian Center coordinates with BUG on a variety of student engagement projects, which includes Arrupe Weekly Engagement, our longest running community-based learning for social justice program. 

The Forge Garden is home to BUG operations, supporting growing efforts at all BUG hubs and providing a space for HomeSafe garden-based educational programming as well as a field trip location for schools working with BUG.

Grow with us!