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Faculty who are interested in living/working more sustainably and being change agents in their social and professional networks.

The Faculty Sustainability Liaison program empowers Santa Clara University employees to implement the University's Strategic Plan by fostering Justice and Sustainability programs among University departments and organizations. Liaisons model and engage their peers in sustainable behaviors in order to develop a culture of sustainability among faculty and students in their classes at SCU.

Benefits of being a Faculty Sustainability Liaison:

  • Receive Sustainability SWAG indicating your role as a Faculty Sustainability Liaison
  • Receive a Sustainability Hotspot badge
  • Extra support and resources from the Center for Sustainability
  • Opportunities to share expertise, discuss and develop collaborations across campus, and more
  • Faculty Liaisons will be eligible for the SCU Sustainability Champion award
  • Opportunities to connect and collaborate with students, faculty, and staff members working on sustainability initiatives at SCU

Faculty Sustainability Liaison Responsibilities:

  • Attend one 1-hr meeting each month. These meetings are focused on a different topic each month. Liaisons bring questions and ideas for an engaging discussion. Liaisons take away action items meant to be accomplished in one hour or less. Two of the three meetings each quarter will be open to the campus community while one meeting will be soley with this cohort.
  • Spend 1-hr each month on sustainability. This time is spent completing action items from the Liaison meeting, developing initiatives in the department, creating sustainability-related coursework, and presenting information to colleagues.
  • Provide feedback to the Center for Sustainability. Liaisons are a channel for two-way communication between campus employees and the Center for Sustainability. Liaisons bring questions, concerns, and ideas to the Center for Sustainability as well as share new information and upcoming events with their peers.
  • Duration: We ask Liaisons to commit to an academic year term. So, the first group of Liaisons will participate through June 2018. Liaisons may continue as long as they wish, but there is no requirement to participate longer than one year.
Lucy Diekmann  
Dawn Hart Biology
Deirdre Frontczak Business School
Margaret Russell  
Maryam Khanbaghi  
Gail Kirby Marketing
Iris Stewart- Frey  
Jessica Kuczenski Engineering
Arren Allegretti ESS
Tracey Kahan  
Sarah Robinson Religious Studies
Korin Wheeler Chemistry
Maria Judnick English
Maura Tarnoff English
Ryan Reynolds Art
Ted Grudin ESS
Liz Guneratne  
Abdel-Aty Etris  
Graeme Warren OMIS
Matt Driscoll ESS
Mythri Jegathesan Anthropology
Leslie Gray Environmental Studies and Sciences
Vasu Kadambi OMIS
Rita Madarassy  
Lucile Couplan-Cashman Modern Languages


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 2015-2016 Monthly Meetings

Thursdays, 12-1 pm
  • October: 10/08
  • November: 11/05
  • December: 12/03
  • January: 01/07
  • February: 02/04
  • March: 03/03
  • April: 04/07
  • May: 05/05