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Residence Life

Residence hall student staff, specifically Community Facilitators (CF) and Neighborhood Representatives (NR), transform campus residence halls by role modeling sustainable behaviors, creating sustainability-themed programs, and facilitating campus-wide residence hall initiatives including Sort the Waste, Swap for Good, and waste diversion during move-out.

This program empowers Santa Clara University Community Facilitators (CFs) and Neighborhood Representatives (NRs) to implement the University's Strategic Plan and the Sustainability Strategic Plan.

Benefits of Being a Residence Life Liaison:

  • Receive physical and virtual Sustainability SWAG indicating your role
  • Extra support and resources from the Center for Sustainability 
  • Opportunities to learn more about sustainability issues, community-based social marketing, behavior change theory, and more 
  • Eligibility for the SCU Sustainability Champion award
  • Opportunities to connect and collaborate with students, faculty, and staff members working on sustainability initiatives at SCU 
  • Resume-building experience

Residence Life Sustainability Liaison Responsibilities:

  • Attend an average of one 1-hr meeting each quarter. These meetings will fall between the first weeks of the quarter are facilitated by the Student Sustainability Coordinator for Housing & Dining and may be focused on a different topic each month. Liaisons bring questions and ideas for an engaging discussion. Liaisons take away action items for programs and bulletin boards.
  • Post one sustainability-related bulletin board each quarter. Check out our ready-made bulletin board resources below. Liaisons are asked to take photos of their boards and send it to so that we can share it with others.
  • Accompany residents to at least one event related to sustainability each quarter. Liaisons can also choose to develop their own type of sustainability programming and consult with the Student Sustainability Coordinator for Housing & Dining for resources and other event support, including educational materials. We ask liaisons to share number of participants engaged in the programming and to even #sustainablescu!
  • Encourage residents and other Residence Life staff to live more sustainably using the Sustainability Strategic Plan Playbooks. Earn badges together!
  • Provide feedback to the Center for Sustainability. Liaisons are a channel for two-way communication between campus residents and the Center for Sustainability. Liaisons bring questions, concerns, and ideas to the Center for Sustainability as well as share new information and upcoming events with their residents.
  • Duration: We ask Liaisons to commit to a full academic year term.
*CFs/NRs who want to become a sustainability liaison can preference this position through their Resident Director.
Katy Johnson  CF Alpha Graham
Vacant CF Cyphi Swig
Vacant  CF Communitas Campisi
Ryan Rundell and Natalie Grey CF Cura Personalis Finn

Daniela de la Torre and Melia Furst 

CF da Vinci Casa
Vacant  CF Loyola Sobrato
Natalie Grey  CF MP Dunne
Jessica Lee  CF Unity McLaughlin Walsh
Claire Long  NR NoVillas Nobili + Villas
Victoria Sanchez-Monroy  CF Xavier Sanfilippo



From a "Sustainability 101 at SCU" to the latest "green technologies," teach your fellow residents about specific issues related to sustainability with one of these easy, ready-to-go bulletin boards. Simply download a PDF, print, cut and paste!

We try to make each of these bulletin boards as easy for you as possible, while still leaving room for your own creativity and personal style. Each PDF contains text and images to post on your bulletin boards, as well as instructions and/or a sample layout. Also included are tips on how to make a more environmentally-friendly bulletin board, as well as source information for your reference. Please email us with your questions, comments, and suggestions. If you use one of the following bulletin boards, let us know what you think! Email:

The following materials are to be used for educational purposes only. Please do not use the uploaded documents for any purpose other than passive programming in the residence halls.

  • Noteworthy Environmentalists Bulletin Board - Alpha Theme

    Eight people you may or may not have known as highly important to the environmental movement. 

  • Local Ways Bulletin Board - Communitas Theme

    Get involved with sustainability--food, art, culture, transportation, or community--on and off campus, and around the Bay!

  • Eco-Fashion Bulletin Board - CyPhi Theme
    Learn about the Eco-fashion movement and about how students can be conscientious consumers by considering the environment in their fashion choices.
  • Green Technology Bulletin Board - Da Vinci Theme
    Basic information about eco-friendly alternatives in transportation, architecture, and energy. 
  • Sustainability and Jesuit Universities Bulletin Board- Loyola Theme 
    Find out what other Jesuit schools and organizations are doing to reduce their impact on the environment and raise awareness about sustainability.
  • Know Your H2O Bulletin Board - Modern Perspectives

    With California in a drought, there is no better time to understand our relationship with life's most precious resource. Learn more about how SCU is responding and what you and residents can do to take action in regards to water.

  • Environmental Justice Bulletin Board - Unity Theme
    Learn more about environmental justice issues in the Bay Area. 
  • Global E-Waste Bulletin Board - Xavier Theme
    Learn how U.S. e-waste affects the health of the environment and people of multiple developing countries, and what you can do now to be a more conscientious electronics consumer.
  • Endangered Species_ Tigers
    Learn more about the current status of tigers in the wild, and what the World Wildlife fund is doing to revive the tiger population. 
  • Sustainability 101 at SCU Bulletin Board
    Start the year off on a good "sustainability" foot by displaying the Center for Sustainability's programs and annual events, as well as other campus initiatives.
Purple Engagement Badge - Hands Shaking Icon #SustainableSCU
Help implement the Sustainability Strategic Plan 
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