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Residence Life

Community Facilitators (CF) and Neighborhood Representatives (NR) engage their residents in sustainable behaviors, create sustainability-themed programs, and facilitate campus-wide residence hall initiatives including the Energy Challenge, Swap for Good, and waste diversion during move-out.

The Residence Life Sustainability Liaison program empowers Santa Clara University Community Facilitators (CFs) and Neighborhood Representatives (NRs) to implement the University's Strategic Plan by fostering Justice and Sustainability programs among campus residents. Liaisons model and engage their residents in sustainable behaviors in order to develop a culture of sustainability among the student body at SCU.

Benefits of Being a CF/NR Sustainability Liaison:

  • Receive Sustainability SWAG indicating your role as a CF Liaison (CFL) or NR Liaison
  • Receive a Sustainability Hotspot badge 
  • Extra support and resources from the Center for Sustainability 
  • Opportunities to learn more about sustainability issues, community-based social marketing, behavior change theory, and more 
  • CFLs and NRs will be eligible for the SCU Sustainability Champion award
  • Opportunities to connect and collaborate with students, faculty, and staff members working on sustainability initiatives at SCU 
  • Resume-building experience

Residence Life Sustainability Liaison Responsibilities:

  • Attend one 1-hr meeting each month. These meetings are focused on a different topic each month. Liaisons bring questions and ideas for an engaging discussion. Liaisons take away action items for programs and bulletin boards. Two of the three meetings each quarter will be open to the campus community while one meeting will be soley with this cohort.
  • (CF/NRs) Post one sustainability-related bulletin board each quarter. 
  • Organize and implement one event related to sustainability each quarter.
  • Encourage residents and other Residence Life staff to live more sustainably. 
  • Provide feedback to the Center for Sustainability. Liaisons are a channel for two-way communication between campus residents and the Center for Sustainability. Liaisons bring questions, concerns, and ideas to the Center for Sustainability as well as share new information and upcoming events with their residents.
  • Duration: we ask Liaisons to commit to an academic year term.
*CFs/NRs who want to become a sustainability liaison must have their Resident Director's approval.
  CF Alpha Graham
  CF Cyphi Swig
  CF Communitas Campisi
  CF da Vinci Casa
  CF Loyola Sobrato
  CF MP Dunne
  CF Unity McLaughlin Walsh
  NR NoVillas Nobili + Villas
  CF Xavier Sanfilippo