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Sustainability Guides

Sustainability Guides are individuals who desire to have campus sustainability knowledge, so that they can serve as a hotspot of information for students, faculty, and staff. A Sustainability Guide answers SCU sustainability questions from any campus community member and fills out an FAQ form to help the Center to improve the Guides program and the SCU sustainability website. There are no pre-requisites to being trained; all are welcome to participate. 


SCU students and faculty gather to become Sustainability GuidesThe goals of the Sustainability Guides include navigating the website and accessing resources

To become a Sustainability Guide, one must 1) attend the Sustainability Guides training (offered in September and March), and 2) pass the Sustainability Guide Quiz. After this, one becomes a Sustainability Guide for 1 year, and receives monthly email updates with sustainability resources and information.

Training and resources for Sustainability Guides will focus on how to contribute to sustainable operations of the campus. People who wish to learn more about sustainability, explore global concepts and implications, and engage their peers in sustainable behaviors are encouraged to become Sustainability Liaisons.


  • General overview of what goes where and some helpful hints
  • Desk-side recycling
  • Missing signs/bins
  • E-waste and universal waste
  • Eco-trays
  • Reducing waste during moves and clean-ups
  • Who do I contact to schedule a waste characterization


  • Catering (zero waste options, reusables, no plastic bottles, dietary restrictions)
  • Forge Garden produce/workshops
  • Department break area/event service-ware
  • Incentives (e.g. bring your own mug $0.10 off)
  • Water filling stations
  • Eating sustainably on campus (at Adobe, Benson, etc.)


  • How to reduce energy use in buildings
  • Who do I contact if I have an idea to save energy
  • Solar panels on campus info/solar panel tour guidelines
  • Motion sensor lighting
  • What is the CSIF
  • Building heating and cooling (thermostat, temperature set points, how to report issues)


  • discounts/subsidies
  • Benefit options
  • Public transport resources (bus routes, VTA ecopass, prices, etc.)
  • How to get around by bike
  • VTA trip planner


  • How to reduce water use at SCU
  • How to report wasted water
  • Our local watershed
  • Recycled water use
  • low-flow/dual-flush toilets
  • Moving from water-free to pint-flush urinals
  • Low-flow showerheads


  • How to purchase recycled-content office supplies
  • What to avoid (single-use, unnecessary packaging, triclosan, styrofoam, etc.)


  • Ways to engage in sustainability for employees and students
  • Discovering what kind of change agent you are


  • Opportunities for staff participation in Center for Sustainability events
  • Environmental Justice
  • How to educate others
  • Sustainable purchasing of all items (gifts, program supplies, etc.)