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Celebrating Sustainability

At the end of each school year, The Forge Garden hosts the Sustainability Celebration to recognize the Sustainability Champions of 2018-2019. The event welcomes family and friends to come enjoy food, sustainable products from local vendors and live music from our fellow Broncos. 

  • SCU Recognized for Sustainability Best Practice Awards

    The Center for Sustainability won three Best Practice Awards including Sustainable Food Service: Students Leading the Shift Toward a Sustainable Campus Food System, Sustainability Innovations: Utilizing Campus Farms for Interdisciplinary Studies, and Planning, Communications, and Partnerships: A People-Oriented Sustainability Strategic Plan.

  • Do Your Part

    Now is as good a time as ever to get inspired to fight the climate crisis we are facing! But we don't have to take drastic measures to substantially change our situation. All we need is a little inspiration, teamwork, and Bronco spirit! Take a look at your fellow Broncos doing the small things that can make the biggest difference. We all can be change makers! Now get out there, and do your part!

  • Save Energy, Save the Earth

    Tips to take action in regards to energy conservation in the home-stretch of the Residence Hall Energy Challenge! Learn how you can minimize your energy usage and maximize your Residence Hall's chance of victory in the Energy Challenge, all while helping the planet and fighting climate change.

  • Sustainable Partying

    A quick and easy guide to enjoying the sunshine, and having fun with your friends, all the while minimizing your waste footprint on our planet.

Sustainable "Artivism" with Ciaran Freeman '18

Biodiversity in Our Backyard: Going Wild for SCU’s Animals and Plants

Sustainability in Student Life with Marisa Rudolph '18

Student wearing a dress from plastic bottles.
Fashion Do’s and Don'ts

Fashion-forward tips to reducing the environmental and social impacts of consumption.

Climate Neutrality: Watts of Improvement

SCU has taken many steps towards reducing energy usage through energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy generation, and purchasing Green Power.

Cropped image of students planting trees at Arbor Day
Action Now: We Are Closer Than You Think

Each of us carries a carbon footprint that contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. View tips for taking action in regards to lessening your personal impact on our home planet.

curriculum, academics, energy, renewable
New climate education programs

This year, there are new ways to be involved with the Center for Sustainability and to contribute to SCU's goals of net zero greenhouse gas emissions (climate neutrality) and zero waste.

Image of looking down at hiking boots in a forest floor
How to Camp Sustainably

Quick tips to help first-time and veteran campers enjoy their time in nature without leaving a trace of disturbance.

two Green Rhinos girls with nature models
Sparking Sustainability in the "Green Rhinos" of India

SCU Global Fellows witness how nature exploration spurs sustainability efforts in India's youth—an inspiration for all Broncos under the summer's clear skies.

Image of man pulling shopping cart with many full bags attached to it in San Jose
Take a Second Glance, San Jose

Every spring break, the Ignatian Center gives students the opportunity to explore a seemingly disregarded side of San Jose.

Image of a blue VTA bus on the road passing by the under-construction Milpitas BART station
Take our Transit Challenge!

Summer is the time to start new, good habits and routines before the next academic year! Here are some quick tips and reasons to try out alternative forms of transportation.

In the Silicon Valley
The Darker Side of Silicon Valley

As members of the Silicon Valley community, it is important to recognize the environmental injustices that hide under the shining campuses of the leading tech companies in our community. REDUCE potential exposures with public hazardous site maps. REUSE electronics for a little bit longer. RECYCLE electronics. RESPECT individuals who are at the greatest risk.

Celebrating Sustainability Champions

Individuals or groups at SCU who go out of their way to transform the culture of sustainability on campus are recognized at the annual Sustainability Celebration's Champion Awards. These campus members are honored for their hard work and achievements that lead the campus community in strengthening the presence of sustainability in academics, operations, engagement, and innovation.

A Hazard-free Home

REDUCE the number of unpronounceable ingredients. REUSE the same DIY cleaning recipes. RECYCLE plastics and opt for a fresh start. RESPECT your skin. With these four tips, you can create a healthy living environment for you and your family this month.

The Road to a Better Commute

Sustainable transportation isn’t just about lowering your carbon footprint; it can also be more relaxing, convenient, and even faster than commuting alone by car! If you’re not in the habit of using sustainable transportation in your commute, there’s no better time to start. On May 11th, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) is hosting National Bike to Work Day. There will be 90 energizer stations all over the Bay Area to give out snacks, coffee and encouragement. For the third year in a row, SCU is hosting our very own energizer station for commuters and University employees. We’ll be next to the Bronco statue on the corner of Market and the Alameda from 7:00am-10:00am, so make sure to ride on by!

Just Food Thoughts with Annie

SCU alum, lecturer, and postdoctoral fellow Annie Drevno (‘08) shares her sustainability story and how her SCU experiences led her to dedicate her career to social, environmental, and food justice.

Listen to the Labels

Tips for a greener grocery run: REDUCE pesticide and chemical usage by buying USDA Organic Certified produce and meat. REUSE food containers by buying in bulk. Buy post-consumer content products made from RECYCLED materials. RESPECT the worth of others by purchasing Fair Trade goods.

According to Areany: Less is More

Senior Areany Tolentino explains the inspiration behind “60 Seconds Less” and how collective action can make a difference.

Comparison of Lake Oroville (reservoir) in 2017, Take Action article
Think the drought is over?

Think again. Follow the 4R's to keep conserving in California: REDUCE your impact with your diet. Create a REUSE water system in your home. Consider RECYCLED water. RESPECT nature for its power. Read on for more details!

Eco-Fashion Show 2016 models backstage posing
Living Simply in Silicon Valley

Living simply in the Silicon Valley is not impossible; it’s an opportunity to be innovative and to better focus on what is important to you.

AlexGarcia's tiny house deck in Santa Cruz
Less Stuff, More Space: Life in a Tiny House

SCU alum, Alex Garcia (‘15) shares her secrets to simplicity and embracing life’s essentials.

Tabling to reduce human trafficking
Monthly Tips to Take Action

RETHINK: how you stand in solidarity with others; REDUCE: Human Trafficking - Freedom Project; REUSE: a sample letter to your legislator; RECYCLE: e-waste properly - link to video on e-waste; RESPECT: Human Rights - Students for Justice in Palestine

Arturo standing in front of colored building, Cholula Immersion 2016
How to Gain Intercultural Understanding

Combining the knowledge, needs, and open hearts of both rural communities and educational institutions can solve some of the world's most challenging developmental issues and move closer towards global solidarity.

Christina, Kayla, Erin, Keiko with bins and bags in facilities yard
A Zero-Waste Campus

SCU composts or recycles more than half of our waste. But it will take our collective power to divert 90 percent of our waste.

Talking Trash with Chonsa

Chonsa Schmidt, ‘18 has a dirty job ahead of her, but she’s ready to dive right in and inspire the rest of campus.

Did You Know?

Student-proposed Campus Sustainability Investment Fund project brings personal compost bins to the University Villas.

Take Action: Zero-Waste Life

Tips to take action in regards to going zero waste at SCU & beyond! REDUCE with Food Recovery Network. REUSE alternatives to Tupperware. RECYCLE fashion styles. RESPECT the process.

from FAI Forge in-field food waste research
Fresh from The Forge: In-field Food Waste

The Food and Agribusiness Institute and The Forge Garden join forces to study and tackle food waste on farms.

    Audrey's Water Wisdom

    Andie Filler '18 and Vanessa Shin '19

    Civil engineering major Audrey Gozali ‘18 discusses how her passion for providing access to clean water motivated her senior design project: a rainwater filtration system to be implemented in developing countries. You can learn more about Audrey’s project and support her team’s progress here! Also, be sure to check out Audrey’s water resource recommendations which include subscribing to the BC Water News email updates and exploring the Santa Clara Valley Water District website, where you can learn about water-related issues affecting the local area and how to get involved.

    Food for Thought with Travis '18

    Henry Ferguson '18 and Vanessa Shin '19

    Travis Osland '18 discusses his summer job with the Leavey School of Business’s Food and Agribusiness Institute. Along with Matt Ryan '18, Nick Matera '18, Katie O’Neil '19, Thomas Vickers '19 and Jean-Baptiste Tooley '18, the team researched and measured in-field agricultural food waste right here in Northern California.

    Travis, Matt and Nick also participate in Santa Clara’s Food Recovery Network, an organization that addresses food waste here and around campus. You can learn more about the research project here. If you are interested in learning more about the Food and Agribusiness Institute or the Food Recovery Network check out their websites: Food and Agribusiness Institute, Food Recovery Network, for events, updates and information.

    Mindfulness and Happiness with Alex & Sydney

    Sammi Bennett '19 and Vanessa Shin '19

    Alex Perlman ‘19 and Sydney Emerson ‘19, along with a team of other SCU students Francie McCall ‘19, Sammi Bennett ‘19, and Marina Schmitz ‘19, saw a need on campus for the practice of mindfulness, so they created SCU Mindfulness--an organization striving to bring together students to dialogue and create intentional practices concerning health, nutrition, and fitness and strives to create a community of mindful Broncos.

    If you are interested in joining a community of mindful Broncos, check out the SCU Mindfulness website for upcoming events, updates, and information!

    Celebrating Sustainability Champions

    Ella Kobelt '18 and Vanessa Shin '19

    As the 2017-18 school year comes to a close, let's celebrate our individual and collective contributions to sustainability in the past year! Hear from this year's Sustainability Champions, whose sustainability efforts and accomplishments went above and beyond.

    Innovation & Sustainability in the Classroom

    Emma Hokoda '20, Andie Filler '18, & Vanessa Shin '19

    The Penstemon Project was developed in 2007 with one guiding mission: to develop sustainability across the curriculum. The project gathers a cohort of faculty (around 10-15 each year) to either develop a new course with a sustainability component or add a sustainability component to an existing course. These faculty receive a stipend to fund the development of their course and attend a Penstemon workshop where they learn from Penstemon Director John Farnsworth* as well as each other, ideas about how to best integrate sustainability into their courses. This video highlights two of our 2018-2019 participants, Jeannice Fairrer Samani and Bonita Banducci who are collaborating together on a new course, ENGR 140: Diversity and Innovation in STEM.

    *Chad Raphael will replace John Farnsworth as Penstemon Director in the 2018-2019 academic year. Thank you to John for over 10 years of work directing Penstemon!

    Sustainability Beyond SCU: A Global Perspective

    Gisselle Delgadillo '20 & Vanessa Shin '19

    Susan Popko, Associate Provost for International Programs at SCU’s Global Engagement Office, tells us about different programs offered and how global engagement and sustainability are connected. To learn about how to become involved with these amazing programs and opportunities, visit the SCU Global Engagement website.


    Ready, Set, Go Sustainable!

    Ready for the new school year? Get excited for Bronco SurplusEnergy Challenge, Eco-Fashion Show, and more! Check out our events and social media @SustainableSCU for the most up-to-date information. 

    • #BroncoHacks to Start Off the Year

      Sustain a sustainable lifestyle by keeping in the loop with these easy, opt-in campus initiatives. You’ll be gaining new habits in no time

    • Turn On the Energy Conservation Mindset

      Ready for SCU’s annual Energy Challenge? Start here with these simple energy-saving tips to pave the way for your RLC’s victory. Employees, off-campus residents, and grad students can play along too!

    Climate Neutrality: Investing in Innovation

    Have an idea to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at SCU? Check out the Campus Sustainability Investment Fund (CSIF)—an opportunity to leave your legacy on campus and help move SCU towards our climate neutrality goals! Learn more and stay up-to-date on the fund submission process here.

    Be inspired by how sustainability has shaped the office at Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education, from promoting reuse when transitioning to a new space to reducing waste in everyday operations. Learn more about zero waste moves, sorting waste, and integrating sustainability as a workplace liaison or student employee liaison.

    Sustainable Office Spaces

    • The Race to Reduce Waste

      Our collective, everyday actions and decisions molded by sustainability add up to large-scale change. Start with these easy tips for minimizing waste.

    • It Takes a Village

      We are a small, dedicated staff with an enthusiastic team of undergraduate students who implement projects, events, and programs that drive SCU to a stronger culture of social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Support the sustainability initiatives you are passionate about at SCU!

    • Everyday E.J.

      In line with the University’s commitment to build a more humane, just, and sustainable world, SCU is continuing to develop partnerships with community- and faith-based organizations, government agencies, and other Jesuit institutions. Learn how to engage in environmental justice issues right here on campus!

    Environmental Justice Research Spotlight

    Nate Redinbo '20 & Vanessa Shin '19

    As the rise of wildfires continue to shape our national conversation around climate change, SCU senior Efren seeks to understand which human communities are most vulnerable to the devastating impacts of wildfires as one of the 2018-19 Environmental Ethics Fellows. Read his discoveries and reflections here

    • Sustaina(mobility)

      The transportation sector is one of the largest contributors of carbon emissions every year. You can be a part of the sustainable mobility revolution by changing your individual behaviors. You’ll be surprised how fun it can be to explore different transport options. Try out these tips to take action in regards to mobility and transportation!

    Transportation Tricks

    Erin Ronald '19 & Vanessa Shin '19

    Combat climate change with your commute! Learn more about the perks of sustainable commutes and help live out our Sustainability Strategic Plan!

    Reduce, Reuse, ResLife

    Mandi Sit '20 & Vanessa Shin '19

    Community Facilitator Tatiana and Resident Director Kevin share how they promote waste reduction and a culture of reuse at CyPhi. For more information, check out our guides for living sustainablyresources for CFs, and campus residents playbook.

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