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  • Unity 4 Envisions a More Equitable Campus

    Building a thriving community at SCU: Student group Unity 4 is working with Administration to build a more comfortable, just and equitable learning community for all students.

  • News and Events

    Eco-Fashion & Art Show Sign-Ups | Holiday Rent-A-Tree | Garden Holiday Gifts Workshop | Global Social Benefit Fellowship Applications Open

  • Did You Know?

    With Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) coming to Santa Clara by 2025, there is hope that commuting students, faculty, and staff will rely more on public transit to reach campus.

  • Take Action: Sustainable Gift-Giving

    Tips to take action in regards to gift-giving. REDUCE: by consolidating shopping trips | REUSE: for one-of-a-kind wrapping paper | RECYCLE: household items for unique gifts | RESPECT: by renting living Christmas trees

  • Fresh from the Forge: A BUG's Life

    Peek into our Bronco Urban Gardens (BUG) to see how this programs continues to bring fun & educational lessons to at-risk kids in San Jose!

  • Quick Guide to Proper Sorting

    SCU operates a comprehensive university-wide recycling and composting program, diverting about 58% of waste from landfills. You can help in SCU's waste diversion goals by learning what goes where.

  • Behind the Scenes with Joe Pereira

    We don’t often see the day-to-day operations that keep our beautiful campus looking so clean and tidy. And who helps in managing the waste our campus produces? Meet Joe.

  • News and Events

    Stop Junk Mail San Jose | Wildlife Trafficking & Animal Conservation in Southeast Asia | Campus Sustainability Investment Fund Info Session | Managing Open Space in Santa Clara County | Waste Characterization | Poverty Simulation

  • Did You Know?

    Tennis balls, dance classes, and sustainability. An unlikely group for some, but not for us! Campus Recreation, Athletics and the Theater and Dance Department are teaming up to make a more sustainable SCU.

  • Take Action

    Tips to take action in regards to decreasing waste! REDUCE through composting | REUSE Eco-Trays and other random containers | RECYCLE shoes, batteries, and energy bar wrappers | RESPECT the vision of less landfills

  • Campus Heritage: You Are What You Trash

    What would you do if a total stranger walked up to you and said they could tell you all about you and your family: favorite foods, medicines, toys, beverages, hobbies, tools, your social status, family size, vocation, and, possibly even your ethnicity? And, imagine if that person could take it step further and tell you into which period in your life those items fit? If that stranger was an archaeologist, that wouldn’t be hard to do.

  • Get to know the new Forge Garden and BUG program staff

    We are so excited to introduce our new Forge Garden Manager, Katharine Rondthaler, and our new BUG garden educator, Lisa Martinez. Read on to see where they come from and what they each bring to their crucial roles at SCU and the greater Santa Clara community.

  • News and Events

    The Business of Ice Cream | Application Deadline for Nepal Immersion | I am Climate Change speaker event | Ignatian Day of Reflection: Call to Care for Our Common Home | BART Working Group Meeting | Campus Sustainability Day | Compost Pail Tabling | Harvest Party | The Business of Beer: The (Re)volution

  • Did You Know?

    A new Athletics souvenir cup entitles Broncos to bring their sustainable lifestyle to game days!

  • Take Action

    Tips to take action in regards to your carbon footprint! REDUCE by taking the Hoofprint Challenge | REUSE sturdier lunch bags | RECYCLE through Terracycle | RESPECT future generations by conserving now

  • Fresh from the Forge

    Never experience a vegetable-less day in your life again by joining a CSA program!

  • Changing the World Through Social Enterprise

    The Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship is a multifaceted organization that utilizes the best business practices in the Silicon Valley to solve the world’s social and economic problems.

  • News and Events

    Sustainability Liaison Network membership | Sustainability Internship Available | Volunteer for Waste Week | Join Sustainability Topic Interest Groups

  • Did You Know?

    The Global Fellows Program is a multi-disciplinary program that focuses on global citizenship and shaping students to become men and women of the world.

  • Take Action: Sustainable Investments

    Tips in regards to personal finances and investments. REDUCE total unsustainable investments | REUSE President Obama's mindset | Buy only RECYCLED clothing | Think about what you want to RESPECT

  • Campus Heritage: Economic Growth of Tanning

    Juxtaposed with the likes of today, tanning in the mid-1800s referred to something quite different and was, in fact, one of the earliest, successful manufacturing businesses in Santa Clara.

  • News and Events

    Sustainable Wanderlust Wednesdays | Forge Farm Stand | Summer Archaeology Program | California’s Water Crisis: Learn from Israel & Take Action | California Climate Change Symposium 2015: Using Climate Science to Plan for a Resilient Future

  • Did You Know?

    Want to read a book written by one of our SCU faculty? Looking to learn more about sustainability? Check out this list of sustainability-related books written by SCU Faculty for some great summer reads!

  • Take Action: Air Travel

    Sustainable summer fun is much closer than you think! REDUCE: air mileage | REUSE: time for hobbies | RECYCLE: bookstore support | RESPECT: our collective health

  • Another great year for sustainability at SCU

    The Center for Sustainability finished the academic year with an awards celebration for sustainability liaisons and Sustainability Champions, and a garden party filled with games and bike-powered music.

  • News and Events

    Sustainable Wanderlust Wednesdays | Forge Farm Stand | Summer Archaeology Program

  • Did You Know?

    Hosting an event using Mission Catering by Bon Appetit allows you to plan a sustainable & delicious on-campus event!

  • Take Action: Hosting a "green" party

    Tips to take action in regards to hosting to sustainable summer parties! REDUCE single use containers | REUSE kegs and cups | Look for RECYCLABLE packaging | build community and encourage RESPECT

  • Campus Heritage: The Curse of Tea & Potatoes

    The land beneath undergraduate residence hall McLaughlin-Walsh reveals the story of the first Hispanic woman to publish a cookbook in order to document and preserve the rich traditions of her family’s cuisine.

  • Spree: Buy & Sell Within SCU

    Senior undergraduates Marco Ciccone and Riley Parsons are promoting a resource-share economy and extending the life cycles of products through their application, Spree.

  • Dreaming in Green

    Through her eco-fashion blog, "Green with Envy," Jo Gopinath ‘19 strives to empower people through sustainable education and eco-fashion.

  • Did You Know?

    Live better for less! The on-campus Share Shelf in the Shapell Lounge offers an alternative to spending copious amounts of money on office and school supplies every year.

  • Fresh from the Forge

    This January, with the theme of conscious consumerism, make a resolution to explore sustainable protein options: meat & vegetable!

  • Creating Energy Solutions with Mike Sizemore

    Mike Sizemore, ‘12 & ‘14, was introduced to solar power in 2009 while working on the Solar Decathlon house. He is now a professional business analyst with Sunrun, developing connected technology in the fast-paced, evolving renewable energy industry.

  • Did You Know?

    This February marks the 7th annual Residence Energy Challenge, which brings in more events and opportunities to take energy-saving-action selfies.

  • Take Action: Going Without a Car

    Did you know that a typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.7 metrics tons of carbon dioxide per year? Read on for tips on taking action to get off-campus while saving energy via sustainable transportation!

  • Fresh From the Forge

    The environmental science "Solar Revolution" class’ hot contest tests out the functionality of solar ovens!

  • Did You Know?

    Did you know that SCU is piloting native Californian grasses to potentially replace the current lawn and reduce landscaping water-usage?

  • Take Action: Conserving Water

    Read on for creative tips in regards to conserving water: REDUCE shower time | REUSE shower water | RECYCLE cooking water | RESPECT with a glass of water

  • Did You Know?

    Did you know about the summer Mission Sustainable Photo Contest? Tag and tell us where you take your Mission Sustainable!

  • Take Action: 4th of July

    This July, our nation celebrates its 240th Independence Day! Tips to take action in regards a sustainable 4th of July celebration!

  • Campus Change Agents Acknowledged and Awarded

    Every year, the Center for Sustainability celebrates individuals and groups who are change agents and role models on campus for sustainability, including those in the Sustainability Liaison Network and nominated Sustainability Champions across campus.

  • Fresh From the Forge

    Celebrate the 4th of July and sweet summertime with some delicious garden barbeque!

  • Recognizing University Achievements

    SCU, once again, takes steps towards the campus 2020 goal of climate neutrality! We reflect on the awards recognizing SCU’s sustainability efforts in this past academic year, as well as the 10 years of Mission Sustainable.

  • Gordon Young, Flint Expatriate

    SCU Senior Lecturer, Gordon Young, tells the untold story of “shrinking cities” and the path that led to the Flint, MI water crisis.

  • Did You Know?

    Bronco Leaders for Environmental Justice Investigating Truth (BLEJIT)

  • Did You Know?

    Did you know that May was official Bike to Work Month? Even though the calendar says June, keep on riding through the nice summertime weather!

  • Did You Know?

    The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) offers worldwide educational travel for SCU alumni.

  • Take Action: Preparing for Travel

    Tips to take action in regards to packing and preparing for your travels. REDUCE your carbon footprint. REUSE drink and souvenir needs. RECYCLE papers, plastic, and glass. RESPECT the local culture.

  • Overview of the Year

    Mark your calendars with our upcoming events, follow us on social media to get alerts, and explore our website for more information! We educate on subtopics of sustainability each month through the e-newsletter, social media, annual events, and within our Sustainability Liaison Network.

  • Resources for Sustainable Living

    Start the year off right by knowing of available resources for a more sustainable life at SCU. Programs listed are initiatives that move the University to Zero-Waste and Climate Neutrality by the end of 2020. All contribute to a share economy and minimize waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Squad Goals

    If you are interested in community, want to learn tips and tricks, and wish to contribute to SCU's sustainability goals, join the Sustainability Liaison Network!

  • Have a Bright Sustainability Idea?

    The Campus Sustainability Investment Fund supports student-, faculty-, and staff-initiated campus-based projects that move SCU toward Climate Neutrality. The internal fund debuted last winter with its first approved project of a new LED lighting system for the Pat Malley Recreation Center.

  • Fresh from The Forge: This Fall Quarter

    The Forge Garden is Santa Clara University’s ½-acre edible organic garden and hub for sustainable food system education. Ever since its establishment in 2008, The Forge has committed to engage students, staff, and community members in educational classes, unique workshops, and garden drop-in hours.

  • Take Action: Zero-Waste Life

    Tips to take action in regards to going zero waste at SCU & beyond! REDUCE with Food Recovery Network. REUSE alternatives to Tupperware. RECYCLE fashion styles. RESPECT the process.

  • Did You Know?

    Student-proposed Campus Sustainability Investment Fund project brings personal compost bins to the University Villas.

  • Talking Trash with Chonsa

    Chonsa Schmidt, ‘18 has a dirty job ahead of her, but she’s ready to dive right in and inspire the rest of campus.

  • A Zero-Waste Campus

    SCU composts or recycles more than half of our waste. But it will take our collective power to divert 90 percent of our waste.

  • How to Gain Intercultural Understanding

    Combining the knowledge, needs, and open hearts of both rural communities and educational institutions can solve some of the world's most challenging developmental issues and move closer towards global solidarity.

  • Monthly Tips to Take Action

    RETHINK: how you stand in solidarity with others; REDUCE: Human Trafficking - Freedom Project; REUSE: a sample letter to your legislator; RECYCLE: e-waste properly - link to video on e-waste; RESPECT: Human Rights - Students for Justice in Palestine

  • Living Simply in Silicon Valley

    Living simply in the Silicon Valley is not impossible; it’s an opportunity to be innovative and to better focus on what is important to you.

  • Seeing 2020 for Climate Neutrality

    By the end of 2020, Santa Clara University aims to emit net zero greenhouse gas emissions. But how will the campus get there and what are we currently doing?

  • Think the drought is over?

    Think again. Follow the 4R's to keep conserving in California: REDUCE your impact with your diet. Create a REUSE water system in your home. Consider RECYCLED water. RESPECT nature for its power. Read on for more details!

  • Listen to the Labels

    Tips for a greener grocery run: REDUCE pesticide and chemical usage by buying USDA Organic Certified produce and meat. REUSE food containers by buying in bulk. Buy post-consumer content products made from RECYCLED materials. RESPECT the worth of others by purchasing Fair Trade goods.

  • Just Food Thoughts with Annie

    SCU alum, lecturer, and postdoctoral fellow Annie Drevno (‘08) shares her sustainability story and how her SCU experiences led her to dedicate her career to social, environmental, and food justice.

  • The Road to a Better Commute

    Sustainable transportation isn’t just about lowering your carbon footprint; it can also be more relaxing, convenient, and even faster than commuting alone by car! If you’re not in the habit of using sustainable transportation in your commute, there’s no better time to start. On May 11th, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) is hosting National Bike to Work Day. There will be 90 energizer stations all over the Bay Area to give out snacks, coffee and encouragement. For the third year in a row, SCU is hosting our very own energizer station for commuters and University employees. We’ll be next to the Bronco statue on the corner of Market and the Alameda from 7:00am-10:00am, so make sure to ride on by!

  • A Hazard-free Home

    REDUCE the number of unpronounceable ingredients. REUSE the same DIY cleaning recipes. RECYCLE plastics and opt for a fresh start. RESPECT your skin. With these four tips, you can create a healthy living environment for you and your family this month.

  • Celebrating Sustainability Champions

    Individuals or groups at SCU who go out of their way to transform the culture of sustainability on campus are recognized at the annual Sustainability Celebration's Champion Awards. These campus members are honored for their hard work and achievements that lead the campus community in strengthening the presence of sustainability in academics, operations, engagement, and innovation.

  • The Darker Side of Silicon Valley

    As members of the Silicon Valley community, it is important to recognize the environmental injustices that hide under the shining campuses of the leading tech companies in our community. REDUCE potential exposures with public hazardous site maps. REUSE electronics for a little bit longer. RECYCLE electronics. RESPECT individuals who are at the greatest risk.

  • Tracks & Trolleys

    Growing the Santa Clara Interurban Railroad

    Archaeological crews unearthed two sets of trolley tracks under Franklin Street. Read on to take a trip to the 1860’s to visualize traveling through the city of Santa Clara.

  • Take our Transit Challenge!

    Summer is the time to start new, good habits and routines before the next academic year! Here are some quick tips and reasons to try out alternative forms of transportation.

  • Take a Second Glance, San Jose

    Every spring break, the Ignatian Center gives students the opportunity to explore a seemingly disregarded side of San Jose.

  • How to Camp Sustainably

    Quick tips to help first-time and veteran campers enjoy their time in nature without leaving a trace of disturbance.

  • New climate education programs

    This year, there are new ways to be involved with the Center for Sustainability and to contribute to SCU's goals of net zero greenhouse gas emissions (climate neutrality) and zero waste.

  • Action Now: We Are Closer Than You Think

    Each of us carries a carbon footprint that contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. View tips for taking action in regards to lessening your personal impact on our home planet.