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Tabling display for solidarity

Tabling display for solidarity

Monthly Tips to Take Action

Global solidarity comes down to treating each other like we are “all part of one human family — whatever our national, racial, religious, economic or ideological differences.” This can be as easy as treating the people in our communities with respect and understanding, but we can also go further and stand in solidarity with those in far away places. This month, take a moment to rethink how you can stand in solidarity with those around you and those further away.

A great place to start is to be involved in your community. There are many Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) here on campus that you can get involved in. For example, you can help reduce human trafficking by joining The Freedom Project. This RSO works to raise awareness on the issue by educating and mobilizing the SCU community.

Another way to take action is to reuse a sample letter to your legislator to let them know that you want change for a particular marginalized community. Keep updated on what legislation is in Congress and let your representatives and senators know what your concerns are and how you would like them to vote. You can even call them or schedule a meeting to voice your concerns in person!

You can also stand in solidarity with those across the world, or far away from you, by making sure to recycle your e-waste properly. Electronic waste (computers, phones, chargers, kitchen appliances, etc.) can be extremely harmful to the environment and nearby communities if landfilled instead of recycled properly. Unfortunately, many recyclers send the waste to developing countries that don’t have high safety standards rather than dismantling the products themselves. At SCU, you can recycle your e-waste by sending it to Facilities or placing it in on the ground near your residence hall’s recycling dumpster. Our campus’ e-waste recycler is certified to recycle all products safely in the US.

You can also tap into your activist side and respect human rights by joining Students for Justice in Palestine. This SCU student group advocates for the human rights and self-determination of the Palestinian people through education and action on campus.

Here are some more RSOs on campus that focus on global solidarity. Check them out!

Catholic Relief Services - solidarity, social justice

International Club - inclusion and understanding

Microfinance Organization - economic empowerment

OXFAM America - poverty and hunger

Students for Justice in Palestine - human rights, liberty

Native American Coalition for Change - inclusion, empowerment

The Freedom Project - human trafficking