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Take Action

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Take on the Hoofprint Challenge! Campus Recreation first designed this challenge in 2012 to help offset the carbon emissions from club sports. All students, faculty and staff at SCU can take part in this fun and engaging pledge! With the help of the entire SCU community, club sport athletes will help SCU be one step closer to climate neutrality.

Just a few individual actions a week can make a big difference. Pack your lunch in a reusable bag instead of a brown bag (and you’ll never suffer the horror of a ripping lunch bag again!). Carpool with your housemates next time you make the fun shopping excursion to Costco or bike into the San Francisco  (free transit!).

Take that stack of energy bar wrappers piling up on your desk and recycle them at a Terracycle drop-off area at the Pat Malley Fitness and Recreation Center or the Center for Sustainability (search for “Terracycle” on the map).

Respect future generations by conserving resources now. Last year’s Challenge saved 175 tons of carbon, enough to power 22 homes for an entire year. Let’s make this year’s Hoofprint Challenge even more impactful--set aside just a few minutes today to take the pledge!

Contributed by Allison Carmody, Food & Dining Intern ‘17

Take Action