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Take Action: Zero-Waste Life

REDUCE food waste by joining the Food Recovery Network (FRN)! FRN is a registered student organization that was founded by Makena Wong ‘17 and Paloma Sisneros-Lobato ‘16 in 2014, that works with Bon Appetit to collect excess food from dining services and events to donate to Martha’s Kitchen, a local soup kitchen, twice a week. As of Spring 2016, FRN has donated over 8,200 pounds of food as of Spring 2016! Fill out the interest form to get involved.

Face it: Tupperware is a necessity that no one wants to buy, so don’t! REUSE food containers! Talenti Gelato & Sorbet and Santa Cruz Peanut Butter containers are great for storing soups and liquids since they have a screw top, but you can also use glass jars from any good, like e.g. pasta sauce, olives, pickles, etc. Sustainability Coordinator, Cara Uy reuses her green fruit baskets at farmer’s markets and to organize store fruit in her fridge.

RECYCLE your style! Trade an article of clothing with a friend to mix up your outfits, or clean out your closet and take your clothes to Crossroads Trading Co. When you trade, you can choose to receive store credit or cash. Pro Tip: you’ll get more money if you choose store credit which you can use at any of their locations. Plus you’re bound to find something that strikes your fancy.

RESPECT the fact that going zero waste is a process. Participate in a Waste Characterization to help the Center for Sustainability collect data on SCU’s waste diversion rates. This data tracks the University’s progress towards our zero-waste goal where at least 90% of our waste is reused, composted, or recycled (currently the University is at 59%). Email to participate!

For inspiration & social proof for going zero-waste, check out these Instagram accounts: @zerowastehome @zerowasteguy @iquittrash and join the #zerowaste movement.

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