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Image of a blue VTA bus on the road passing by the under-construction Milpitas BART station

Image of a blue VTA bus on the road passing by the under-construction Milpitas BART station

Take our Transit Challenge!

The summer months give us unique opportunities to travel and explore the areas around us. The days are longer and people can spend more time outdoors to venture outside their local area. This increased travel combined with the reduced stress of summer can provide us with a great chance to explore public transportation and other opportunities!

In choosing any of these alternative travel methods, you are helping to REDUCE the use of single-occupancy vehicles and their carbon emissions which greatly impact our warming climate:


If you’re staying around campus, one of the easiest modes of alternative transportation is the Caltrain. We are located directly across from the Transit Center and it runs all the way up to San Francisco. Calculate how often you’d use it, purchase an 8-ride or monthly pass and REUSE it to get to entertaining activities up and along the peninsula!


What better time to dust off your bike than the summer months? Silicon Valley Bike Coalition publishes maps with all of the bike-friendly paths and routes in Silicon Valley to help you easily navigate the area. Take your bike out to Santa Cruz and ride along the coast or bring it along to San Francisco and take on the hills. Not only will you find some exercise but you’ll cut down on your Uber bill! If you don’t already have a bike, help RECYCLE parts by purchasing one from a local second hand bike shop like Good Karma Bikes and La Dolce Velo.


Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority connects to stops all throughout the area, a single ride only coming out to $2 for adults, $1.75 for youth (5-18), and $1 for senior/disabled/Medicare. The system drops off at many different popular destinations, including Great America, Santana Row, San Jose Flea Market, Downtown Palo Alto, Campbell and Los Gatos--enough to keep you busy all summer long.


The summer is a great time to get out with friends! Instead of taking multiple cars to the same place, meet up with friends at one location and carpool. Not only are you saving gas and being more sustainable, but you get to hang out even longer.

These different forms of transportation can all be used in combination so that taking a car by yourself is never necessary. Walk or bike to a transit station, use it to get to a location and continue walking or biking the rest of the way. If a car is needed somewhere along the path, make sure to share it with all your friends!

The Transit Challenge

Try it out and make a commitment this month to take sustainable transportation as much as possible. If you need help finding a day, try Tuesday and take a picture with the hashtag #TransitTuesday and #sustainableSCU. We will repost our favorites! Help create a commute culture of RESPECT, not just for our planet, but for those other people stuck in traffic behind you!


VTA blue bus on the road passing by the under-construction, new Milpitas BART station, taken June 13, 2017. Photo courtesy of Cara K. Uy.