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Behind the Potty Talk: The Wellness Center

Sustainability starts with the self. By taking time to care for yourself, you can ensure that you put your best foot forward in everything you do, whether that is work, play, or volunteer time. The SCU Wellness Center has many different programs and resources to guide students in their journey to well-being.

The Peer Health Educator and Violence Prevention Programs are among the Wellness Center’s valuable resources. The Peer Health Educator (PHE) Program is a network of students that serves other students. The Peer Health Educators create and help facilitate health education workshops, conversations, and presentations that encourage more healthful living for their fellow students. The Violence Prevention Program (VPP) is also student-run, giving the organization unique insight to the issues that students face. This group focuses on educating and spreading awareness on sexual assault and relationship violence. They are a resource for both survivors of sexual assault as well as for friends of survivors that need guidance.

In addition to all the programs the Wellness Center offers, it also has a free resource library where students can check out movies, books, and brochures to read on their own time. The Wellness Center is also known for the monthly restroom newsletter, Potty Talk. These newsletters are posted in bathroom stalls around campus and provide quick facts on topics such as alcohol use, sexual assault, nutrition, and stress.

Thanks to the Wellness Center, the first step in a journey to well-being is easy to take. From there, there's no telling how you might positively impact your community and environment!

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