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Since 2009, a group of dedicated activists and organizers have been promoting environmental justice on campus. From educating others on environmental privilege to promoting causes like fossil fuel divestment, oil train opposition, and purchasing fair trade coffee, Bronco Leaders for Environmental Justice Investigating Truth (BLEJIT) has become an important part of the discussion for greater social justice at Santa Clara University.

BLEJIT, a program within Santa Clara Community Action Program’s (SCCAP) Empowerment Department, strives for its members to be “community-based organizers that build confidence for all people to recognize their inherent power, focusing on the fact that unjust institutions (e.g., fossil fuel-extraction corporations) put the greatest harm on historically marginalized minority groups.” This mission for advocacy has powered their quest to reach beyond the stucco walls and red tiled roofs to include the local South Bay community in their work.

As of current, the group has finished a Climate Action Resources document, which helps to outline how Jesuit values tie into the urgent need for climate change mitigation. Their “charter of environmental ethics” also uses themes from Pope Francis’ environmentally-focused encyclical, Laudato Si, and delves into tactics for socially and ecologically responsible investing. The document serves as a single source for information on climate action and aims to help the University audience better understand BLEJIT’s efforts.  

Whether you're a self-styled tree hugger or merely curious about environmental justice, you can join BLEJIT on Tuesday nights at 8pm in the SCCAP office, located in the Locatelli Student Activities Center.

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