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Did You Know?

A number of SCU Faculty have written books related to sustainability. Check out these awesome and educational summer reads!

  • Agroecology in Action by professor Keith Douglass Warner
  • Alleviating Poverty Through Profitable Partnerships by Leavey School of Business professor Dennis Moberg (and Patricia H. Werhane, Scott P. Kelley, and Laura P. Hartman)
  • California Native Gardening by economics professor Helen Popper
  • Conservation Science: Balancing the Needs of People and Nature by environmental studies & sciences professors Peter Kareiva and Michelle Marvier
  • Saving the Earth: The History of a Middle-Class Millenarian Movement by history professor Steven Gelber (and Martin Cook)

Contributed by Erin Murphy ‘17, Sustainability Intern for Employee Engagement

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Did You Know?