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Did You Know?

Want to host an event on campus but fear the mountains of paper plates, bottled water and forks sitting in the trash can? Now you can relax. Mission Catering by Bon Appetit, SCU’s on-campus catering service, goes the extra distance to offer a multitude of ways to celebrate sustainably.

Next time you call up catering to plan an event, be sure to request water dispensers with reusable or compostable cups instead of single-use water bottles. Compostable plates and utensils are the standard for Mission Catering by Bon Appetit, but if you want to be even more sustainable, ask for reusables. When you pick out your menu, think about choosing vegetarian options; they require less water and energy to produce. If meat is a must though, thankfully Mission Catering by Bon Appetit offers only meats raised without antibiotics, as well as only Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch compliant sustainable seafood.

Mission Catering by Bon Appetit also offers seasonal foods that are harvested locally, providing a low-carbon footprint and supporting our very own California farmers. When you need to put on an event on campus, you can be rest assured that the food will be delicious, low-impact, and the landfill trash cans will be empty, but all stomachs will be full.

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