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share shelf July 2015

share shelf July 2015

Did You Know?

Spending more money every quarter buying new school supplies is no longer your only option. Universities all over the country are finding new and innovative ways to build their sharing economies, Santa Clara included. Located in the Multicultural Center (MCC) lounge, the Share Shelf is a program where you can give, take, and share used office & school supplies.

Initially a pilot program, the Share Shelf was started about a year ago. Since then, many generous donations have been given and over 100 people have used this resource. Items you can find at the Share Shelf include binders, notebooks, writing utensils, folders, post-its, and so much more! By sharing and reusing supplies, we are building a community, diverting unnecessary waste from the landfill, and saving money. The best part about the share shelf is that it is all completely free.

The Share Shelf is not just for students, but faculty and staff as well. We all have those notebooks that have been sitting half-used for awhile. Or a second pair of scissors we probably don’t need. Help build your community by donating items to the Share Shelf by dropping items off at Varsi 202. Click here for a list of acceptable items for donations. So before you head to the store for another binder or another notebook, check by your best, new resource, the Share Shelf, to see if what you need is in stock.


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