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Energy Challenge 2016 for web

Energy Challenge 2016 for web

Did You Know?

February marks the SCU’s 7th Annual Energy Challenge, a competition that raises awareness on the issue of energy consumption through a series of fun events and thought-provoking bulletin boards. From Weeks 5 through 8, events like the Eco-Fashion Show and the famed Zero Power Hour will sweep the campus, all in an effort to encourage residents to save energy. On-campus residents can monitor their hourly, daily, and weekly usage online.

At the end of the month, each residence hall’s energy consumption is measured and compared with last year’s levels to determine the winner of our two energy-consumption leagues: the Air-Conditioned (AC) League (including Alpha, Loyola, Communitas and Nobili) and the Non Air-Conditioned (No AC)  League (including Cyphi, Unity, Modern Perspectives and Xavier). The winning residence halls’ residents will be entered into a raffle for some exciting, sustainable prizes, not to mention the free pizza party and mini succulent give-away. In a separate category, an Enthusiasm Award will be bestowed upon the hall whose residents participate in the most events and exhibit the most energy-conscious spirit across campus.

New this year is the opportunity to win the Social Media Award, which will be given to the three most enthusiastic residents across campus that consistently post on social media about their sustainable actions and the different Energy Challenge events happening on campus.

More competition details and an event list can be found at

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