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Did You Know?

Last spring a number of Carex praegracilis plants, a.k.a. California native field sedge, were planted near Alumni Science, Bellomy Field, and Schott Stadium. The goal of this project is to further reduce the University’s water usage for landscaping and enhance the ecology of the campus grounds by planting drought-tolerant, native California grasses instead of conventional lawn turf.

Over the summer, the sedge plugs quickly grew to fill the space around them, all from a diet of 100% solar energy and minimal recycled water. The project helps University Operations in planning the next stage of sustainable landscaping, which will be replacing the shaded lawn between the Learning Commons and the Malley Center. Try to spot the sedges next time you’re going to class in Alumni Science, running or playing sports on Bellomy Field, or supporting our baseball team at Schott Stadium!

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