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As reported in The Santa Clara earlier this year, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is currently working to expand their service to Silicon Valley. The current BART expansion plan was approved during the 2000 election as part of Measure A. The expansion is being constructed in stages, with a final completion goal of 2025. The first stage of the expansion would be composed of 10 miles worth of tracks extending from Fremont, with one station in Milpitas and one in San Jose along Berryessa Road; and the second stage would bring BART tracks right across El Camino Real from the University. The Santa Clara section of the project would start with a 5-mile subway line passing through downtown San Jose, which would allow people to get on board at underground stations. Eventually the tracks will reach the Santa Clara Caltrain station, with BART providing a complete overhaul of the station area. This re-design will include more parking, pedestrian walkways, a tunnel to Avaya Stadium, and easy transfer to Caltrain and VTA bus lines.

Santa Clara University has a goal of climate neutrality by 2020, and the BART expansion will further support this goal through expanded public transit options. Though 2025 may seem a long ways away, the project has the potential to bring positive change to SCU. With students and professors commuting from all over the Bay Area, the expansion will provide easy commuter access from the East Bay to Santa Clara. Ideally, the increased access to public transport will reduce the number of people who come to campus by car, thus reducing SCU’s carbon emissions. Even a small change in the commuter culture on campus will play a big role in increasing Santa Clara’s sustainable efforts.

Contributed to by Nick Spinelli ‘18, Sustainability Intern Academic Programs

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