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From Widen, Forge Garden carrots

From Widen, Forge Garden carrots

Fresh From the Forge

Ever get that gut feeling that something is missing in your life? Look no further than fermented veggies! Fermented foods contain healthy bacterias that help balance disease-causing bacterias in your digestive system and maintain good acids levels in the stomach. Fermented foods, like sauerkraut or pickles, have very similar benefits to soured dairy products (i.e. yogurt, buttermilk); they contain many lactic-acid producing bacteria. Some of the tastiest fermented foods also happen to be abundantly available during the summer harvest. From cucumbers to string beans to peppers, the opportunities are endless!

Check out these recipes to get started on fermenting your summer garden bounty.

  • A salsa for all those summer get-togethers.
  • Some pickles for the quintessential summer burger.
  • A snack for the weekend roadtrip: fermented string beans!
  • Crunchy carrots with a bit of a twist.
  • Got bunches of blueberries? Pickle ‘em!
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