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Fresh from the Forge: Enjoying Your Garden

Break out of the mindset that a garden is the place for plants, trees and grass. A garden should be more than just a green space, it should be another room in your house. An outdoor dining room, a reading nook, or a yoga spot are all possibilities fit for any backyard.

A shady garden can often be tricky to navigate plant-wise, but with a few shade tolerant species, such as the Bush Anemone or Island Alum Root, and a refinished chair from an antique store, a once shady, dingy area can turn into a cool nook to read a book and retreat from the hot California sun.

Have a patio or large grassy area? Turn it into an outdoor dining room! Putting your nicest dining room set outside may not be the best idea, so roll up your sleeves and become a weekend warrior. With a little elbow grease and some love, a table from a local salvage yard can be transformed into a durable, whimsy dining area for your backyard. Outdoor dining is a great excuse to invite friends over for a potluck to enjoy the warm summer evening or take a lunch break and soak up your daily vitamin D.

Creating any form of outdoor living space allows for all the hard work and sweat that has gone into your garden to be appreciated. From treating it as a personal retreat, to inviting friends over or dragging your family outside for stay-cation activities, the backyard is the best place to bring everyone together in the summertime.

Contributed by Allison Carmody '17, Sustainability Intern for Food and Dining

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