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Fresh from the Forge: Wonders of Waste - Composting

Here at the Forge, we turn waste into want, using the leftover nutrients from dead plants, foods scraps & prunings to fertilize new growth. Both dead plants & “live” scraps provide different nutrients that soil needs after crops have been planted and harvested. When plants grow, they slowly remove the nutrients from the surrounding soil, making it more difficult for new transplants and seeds to flourish. To fix this, we lay and incorporate our very own compost, which put carbon and nitrogen, essential for healthy plant growth, back into the beds. This closed-loop system is nature’s own cradle-to-cradle. Check out more about it here!

Creating a compost pile for yard waste at home can be a little space-consuming and laborious, but, luckily, most communities provide “yard waste” pick-up. Be sure to use this service during any yard make-overs, general pruning, lawn mowing, etc.; the company does all the hard work of turning, sifting and transporting the compost for you. But if you’re still interested in trying your hand at composting, check out this inforgraphic that give instructions on making an at-home worm bins. Worm bins work in any size space & are an ingenious way to use nature to help decrease the amount of waste heading to the landfill.

Contributed by Allison Carmody '17, Sustainability Intern for Food and Dining

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