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Recognizing University Achievements

Every year, Santa Clara University gets closer to its goal of climate neutrality. And each year, our efforts do not go unnoticed. In 2007, SCU was recognized with one award: Silicon Valley Power’s Energy Innovator Award. This past academic year, we were recognized by multiple college prep organizations, magazines, and even local radio shows for our diversity of programs and achievements in sustainability.

This year, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized SCU as the West Coast Conference Green Power Challenge Champion for the second time for using more green power (over 22 million kWh of energy!) than any other university in our conference. SCU was also ranked as #11 on a list of greenest universities by, a website dedicated to finding the best colleges through a variety of different ranking systems. In their description of SCU, the website commented on our previous recognition from the Princeton Review, the EPA, and Silicon Valley Power as well as the strides we have made to include sustainability throughout our courses. Over 800 sustainability and/or environmentally focused courses are currently offered at SCU to reach out to as many students as possible in a variety of majors.

Our sustainability events and on-campus resources were also recognized by a variety of magazines and online publications. Our very own Forge Garden was celebrated in the Edible Silicon Valley magazine for the sustainability research occurring in the garden. The Forge employs a variety of sustainable watering systems (including aquaponics) and encourages the natural pollination of flowers, plants and veggies by raising of bees. Chickens also wander about our garden, giving it a clucky personality, and produce is sold weekly to our local community.

Our campus was also recommended as one of the attractions within the city of Santa Clara by Just Energy. Paving our campus allows for pedestrian-only access, limiting the use of cars for transportation. Additionally, we use a variety of environmentally-friendly electric vehicles for our staff to easily move around on campus without releasing as many harmful pollutants back into our community.

Every year, our projects and events bring us one step closer to achieving climate neutrality. Thank you for helping us on our way to 2020! For more information on our commitment to climate neutrality and information on how you can help, visit the Climate Neutrality page on our website. Take a look at our Instagram to also see highlights of the last decade of the Sustainability program at SCU.

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