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Pop-up share shelf at Get Organized Fair

Pop-up share shelf at Get Organized Fair

Resources for Sustainable Living

Share Shelf:

Tired of having to spend money on school supplies every year/quarter? The Share Shelf is exactly what you need! Located in the Shapell Lounge of the Multicultural Center (MCC), this program allows you to save money and minimize waste for yourself and the University. At the Share Shelf you can give, take, and share used or preowned office and school supplies. Acceptable items can be found here. So next time you’re in need of school supplies, swing by the Share Shelf and grab what you need for FREE! If you would like to donate anything on the Acceptable Items list, just stop by the Share Shelf and drop it off.

Lending Library:

The Lending Library is an online system that allows departments to conveniently post any items or resources that could be used by someone else, such as lanyards, garden games, and a lamination machine. Checking the Lending Library for resources before purchasing them new is a great way to save money as well as build the sharing economy at SCU.

Compost Pails:

Composting food scraps made easy! In an attempt to divert compostable waste in residence halls from the landfill, 100 personal compost pails are distributed each year to students who request them. On-campus residents can keep the pail all year long free-of-charge as long as they return them in the Spring.

If you’re interested in having your own compost pail this year contact us at or come by the Center in Varsi Hall!


Looking for a sustainable “to-go” option? Look no further - Dining Services by Bon Appétit offer an Eco-Tray program, in which for only 5 dining/meal points, students, faculty, staff and visitors alike can use the reusable plastic food containers that are dishwasher and microwave safe. Eco-Trays allow users to collect their food ‘to go’, and dirty trays are exchanged either for a clean, new tray that is washed by Bon Appétit staff or a keychain that indicates that the customer is part of the program. 

Sustainable Transportation:

Chronically late to class? Wanting to explore off campus? Zagster, a highly convenient bicycle rental system in which people who have registered can use a mobile app to reserve a bicycle for a designated period of time at very low costs. Users can find Zagster bikes at any of the multiple Zagster bike racks located around campus and with great ease can take a healthier and cleaner alternative to driving.

Scoop is an app that make carpooling easier than ever! By allowing you to see who is heading in the same direction as you at the same time as you, these apps make it easy to plan your trips and provide a trustworthy transaction platform for cheap and sustainable commutes.

SCU has a number of public electric vehicle charging stations distributed around campus in convenient locations. Usage of these stations is free for all campus parking permit holders, and costs $1 per hour for any other users (with a maximum charge of $6.00). By increasing the accessibility of charging points for students, employees, and locals, SCU hopes to promote the use of electric vehicles as an alternative for gas mileage cars and foster a culture of sustainability in the local community.

Wanting to get off campus, but don’t have your own car? The University has partnered with Zipcar in order to expand transportation opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and community members. Enroll on the Zipcar website and reserve a vehicle on campus any time of day, any day of the week. Zipcar is a great way for students and locals who do not own cars to be able to experience Santa Clara and the beautiful surrounding area.


Campus Recreation first partnered with TerraCycle, a recycling company that repurposes hard-to-recycle items, allowing them to be reused as new products or materials rather than ending up in the landfill. In collaboration the Center for Sustainability, Campus Recreation is part of the Brita Brigade, Energy Bar Wrapper Brigade, Personal Care and Beauty Products Brigade, and the Tom’s of Maine (Natural Care, including dental hygiene products) Brigade. So if you have any items that fall into these categories that you would like to dispose of, just locate the TerraCycle bins in the Pat Malley Recreation Center or check out the SCU Sustainable Features map to locate the bins.