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Take Action: Bay Area Wetlands

As South Bay residents, the health of the San Francisco Bay ecosystem is directly correlated with our well-being. The nearly 200,000 acres of wetlands spread across 9 different counties are integral to not only wildlife habitat, but also flood risk management and removing toxins from the water. Read on to learn how you can help protect our community.

REDUCE the use of toxic chemicals like industrial fertilizers, herbicides, and cleaners. These substances run into storm drains and eventually into the Bay, which harm fish populations and create major risks of infection for humans.

REUSE your possessions and purchase less. The product manufacturing sector produces about 3-4% of the world’s carbon emissions alone, an industry that drives climate change and, subsequently, wetland destruction in the bay. Sea levels, which are projected to rise two feet by 2050 due to melting glaciers, are expected to displace 270,000 Bay Area homeowners.

RECYCLE the ideology of old, expensive levee infrastructure with a cost-efficient flood prevention strategy: wetlands! Healthy wetlands function as natural sponges that trap and slowly release rain and ocean water. They’re also adaptable to sea level rise by accumulating silt over time, reducing erosion.

RESPECT the bay, its residents, and your role as an educated citizen by voting for Measure AA on June 7th. This proposed $12 annual parcel tax will raise nearly $500 million over 20 years for wetland restoration projects. Additionally, an independent citizens’ committee will oversee funds to ensure they are spent properly. Take action and vote Yes on AA!

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