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water product testing bottles march 2016 sustainability update

water product testing bottles march 2016 sustainability update

Take Action: Conserving Water

As the days of 2016 have been filled with clouds and rain and the mountains have been blessed with snow for skiing, it’s easy to forget that California is still experiencing the worst drought in recorded history. Recovery from the drought requires that even more precipitation falls as snowpack, not as rain that will wash into the ocean. Try out these tips to keep on conserving water!

Reduce your shower time by just a gallon (that’s cutting back by just 30 seconds!). If everyone in the United States can do the same, we will save over 85 billion gallons of water a year.

Reuse your shower water. Get a free shower bucket from the Santa Clara Valley Water District. Simply place the bucket underneath the faucet while your shower warms. At the end of your shower, take the bucket outside and water your plants and lawn.

Recycle your cooking water. Instead of dumping out the pasta water once the noodles are cooked, save it for another use! Pasta water can be used 3-4 times over again. Once you’re done with it, let it cool and water your landscaping.

Respect yourself and the environment by swapping out one coffee, tea or soda a day with a glass of water. Water helps with clear skin, a formidable immune system, and a healthy metabolism; plus, swapping one cup of coffee for water saves nearly 37 gallons of water!

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