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bike leaning against wall

bike leaning against wall

Take Action: Going Without a Car

REDUCE your carbon footprint by using public transportation! Take the Caltrain on a Sunday morning to the Mountain View Farmer’s market, or venture all the way up to San Francisco for a day in the city. The Santa Clara station is right across the street from SCU’s main entrance! Looking to stay more local? The 22 route on the VTA  leaves from the stop near Ike’s and can take you down the Alameda to Whole Foods or into downtown San Jose where there are lots of cool and hip restaurants to explore.

Why not fix, what is broken? REUSE your old bikes by taking them to Good Karma Bikes (located in San Jose) where you can get your bike all tuned up and ready to go. Proceeds from the full-service bike shop go to the organization’s numerous community programs. There is also a free repair clinic on Saturdays from 10 am-12 pm. Getting an early start on spring cleaning? You can also RECYCLE your used and refurbishable bikes at Good Karma Bikes.

As the stress of midterms and projects begin to build up, RESPECT your body and the earth by taking a study break to walk or cycle to run errands, visit a friend, or just get some fresh air. Zagster is SCU’s bike sharing program that gives members two-wheeled access when they want to cruise off campus and explore what Silicon Valley has to offer.


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