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Cropped image of ENACT for Sustainability Update

Cropped image of ENACT for Sustainability Update

Better Society, Yourself, and the Local Environment

REDUCE the amount of money you spend on dining out, daily coffees or drinks you purchase, and books you buy. It is easy to make your food, coffee, and borrow books, like Amazon, the SCU Bookstore, and the SCU library. This will help you save money and will allow you to donate money to organizations like Our City Forest, Save the Bay, and Valley Verde.

REUSE glass jars, containers, cans, plastic and paper bags, old furniture, old sheets, and much more. Here is a link that provides even more examples of household items you can reuse and ways to reuse them. By reusing what you already have, you are reducing the amount of waste you produce, which in turn reduces the amount sent to the local landfill and other parts of the world.

RECYCLE your clothing, furniture, and other materials by donating or selling them to Salvation Army, CrossRoads Trading, Habitat for Humanity, and Goodwill. You will reduce the amount of waste you produce while helping locals in the area gain access to these necessities.

RESPECT everyone regardless of their race, gender, or sexual orientation and speak out against the marginalization of minority populations in the local area. Join the Justice Topic Interest Group to stay informed. You can also be involved on campus by joining ENACT, SCU’s club focused on environmental justice action, through SCCAP. In addition, remember to respect the local environment by cleaning up after yourself when you use public spaces. In order to maintain the beauty of the local area, we have to take care of it! You can help marginalized populations in the local area by volunteering at Sacred Heart, Valley Verde, and San Jose Family Shelter.

Student organization Environmental Action (ENACT) at Campus Sustainability Day Fair