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Monthly Stories

Mindfulness and Happiness with Alex & Sydney

Sammi Bennett '19 and Vanessa Shin '19

Alex Perlman ‘19 and Sydney Emerson ‘19, along with a team of other SCU students Francie McCall ‘19, Sammi Bennett ‘19, and Marina Schmitz ‘19, saw a need on campus for the practice of mindfulness, so they created SCU Mindfulness--an organization striving to bring together students to dialogue and create intentional practices concerning health, nutrition, and fitness and strives to create a community of mindful Broncos.

If you are interested in joining a community of mindful Broncos, check out the SCU Mindfulness website for upcoming events, updates, and information!

Food for Thought with Travis '18

Henry Ferguson '18 and Vanessa Shin '19

Travis Osland '18 discusses his summer job with the Leavey School of Business’s Food and Agribusiness Institute. Along with Matt Ryan '18, Nick Matera '18, Katie O’Neil '19, Thomas Vickers '19 and Jean-Baptiste Tooley '18, the team researched and measured in-field agricultural food waste right here in Northern California.

Travis, Matt and Nick also participate in Santa Clara’s Food Recovery Network, an organization that addresses food waste here and around campus. You can learn more about the research project here. If you are interested in learning more about the Food and Agribusiness Institute or the Food Recovery Network check out their websites: Food and Agribusiness Institute, Food Recovery Network, for events, updates and information.

Audrey's Water Wisdom

Andie Filler '18 and Vanessa Shin '19

Civil engineering major Audrey Gozali ‘18 discusses how her passion for providing access to clean water motivated her senior design project: a rainwater filtration system to be implemented in developing countries. You can learn more about Audrey’s project and support her team’s progress here! Also, be sure to check out Audrey’s water resource recommendations which include subscribing to the BC Water News email updates and exploring the Santa Clara Valley Water District website, where you can learn about water-related issues affecting the local area and how to get involved.