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Sustainable hacks including a compost pail, items from Bronco Surplus, and an Eco-tray

Sustainable hacks including a compost pail, items from Bronco Surplus, and an Eco-tray

#BroncoHacks to Start Off the Year

Sustain a sustainable lifestyle by keeping in the loop with these easy, opt-in campus initiatives. You’ll be gaining new habits in no time

REFUSE the single-use habit. Use an Eco-Tray when eating to-go instead. By doing so, you lessen your impact on the earth’s resources and save $0.50 per to-go container. If you don’t have this dishwasher- and microwave-safe container yet, order your food to-go in the Eco-Tray and a one-time price of $5 will be added to your meal; it’ll pay for itself within only 10 meals!

REDUCE the amount of electricity you use in your building. With the annual Energy Challenge coming up, you can outrun the competition by getting a powerstrip for a quick shut-off of electronics and making sure you do the classic energy-saving moves: turning the lights off when you leave a room, not leaving your phone or laptop plugged in overnight, and making use of as much daylight and other communal light as possible.

REUSE plastic containers, organizers, baskets, mirrors, and more from our second annual Bronco Surplus Stand. Peruse our donation-based (suggested $2/item), pop-up shop in Varsi Hall room 202 (in Mission Gardens during weekdays this month or catch us at the Get Organized Fair during Welcome Weekend on Kenna Lawn.

RECYCLE your food scraps with a personal compost pail. On-campus residents can “checkout” one of these conveniently-sized containers for banana and orange peels, egg shells, apple cores, and napkins for the entire academic year. It also comes with a handle and makes it easy to empty the pail at any residence hall’s external waste area!

RESPECT the journey for a sustainable lifestyle. If you have what it takes and want to inspire others, share a photo with us, tag #sustainableSCU, and we’ll feature you on our social media accounts. To take it one step further, you can become a Sustainability Guide or Liaison for your campus department or area.